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GenCon: A Momentary Distraction, A Momentary Solution


American politics and the November election have become a giant, fetid turd on the plate of all voters. The race to see who heads up this country is now whittled down to two of the worst monstrosities imaginable. We look at one other and wonder how we ended up with this selection of human waste. The polls continue throwing numbers out there to spur interest and participation from voters; not to get them to vote for someone, so much as to vote against someone. It’s become a hate race to see how many people we can stack against someone, how many they can get to vote against your candidate. What a sad state of affairs when the idea of ‘Make America Great Again’ is based on destroying rather than constructing. The best solace for me from all this campaign madness was to go to GenCon -walk away from Trump and Trump-haters and Hillary drones…go geek out on cosplayers and the fantasy realms they create.

GenCon lasted through the weekend in the heart of downtown Indianapolis and from Thursday through Sunday the streets and Convention Center there were overrun by people dressed up as various walks of life from fantasy realms. Characters from comic books, sci-fi films, television shows, fantasy books, video games, card games…the list is almost endless. I saw a group of middle aged adults wearing those red garden gnome caps, playing some bizarre game that had small shrubs and crap thrown onto the floor like a huge playing board. There were literally hundreds of people sitting at tables playing board games, card games, video games or caught up in some make believe entertainment. There was an area roped off for those wanting to battle with stiff foam swords. Gigantic inflatable Pikachus hung from the ceiling, Klingons sang Ozzy Osborne tunes, families dressed up and joined in the activity together. Mashup creations by people with ingenuity and a shoestring budget made the halls of the center a gala to stroll and gaze upon. This was geek-fan heaven and all the angels had come ready to rock the fucking house with gusto. People from all over America were here to celebrate, having saved up all year to make this pilgrimage to their personal Mecca, their Terra familiar. Vendors hoped to sell wares and entice new and old fans to throw money at their latest releases. Miniature figurines were painted and put out to sell, t-shirts and game boards, steampunk gear and horned headdresses-the list is endless. Any and all imagined fantasy worlds were represented and for those four days the world was theirs. Screw Hillary Clinton and screw Donald Trump. Those mutants didn’t exist in their world (although in all fairness, yes, I did see one sole individual who came dressed as Donald Trump….asshat…)

Not only was GenCon a distraction from politics and the 2016 campaign, it was a relief from the stress, hate and fear the election has brought us. No one was here to discuss political issues or the glut of shootings that plague our nation. People weren’t rallied here to save their guns or keep transgender people out of their restrooms (or allow them in their restrooms). They were here to make believe, to create a world where they felt in harmony with their world. Now some will sit back and laugh at them for playing ‘pretend’, but I say to those that scoff, how is this different from the masses of people who lose themselves on the screen of their phone chasing fictitious creatures around town? Why is GenConner’s constructed fantasy more delirious than the made up world so many people create through Facebook? Most GenCon tribes were more tolerable and friendly than other gangs of humans in our society. In spite the dozens upon dozens of various classes and tribes of followers, whether they were elves or Star Wars characters or some anime clan, all respected one another. Everyone gave each other the space they needed and the respect they deserved. There was no quarreling among Batman villains and Batman in this world. This is the mentality we need to spread through our country. Let all clans and tribes and different people respect and live side by side with one another. As fucking corny as that may sound to a lot of you, once you experience something like this in person, it will give you pause and wonder, unless you’re just some heartless bastard who wants to see the world burn.

We could all learn a lot from GenCon and I suggest you attend one when it comes close to you. Go there and marvel at the world these fans have created. This is not like the NRA convention I got booted out of-this is not a scarefest, this is positive and of good-nature and should help you forget about November for a while……
…for a short while, at least.


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