Divided They Fall


The Democratic Convention for 2016 tried it’s best to breath fire into the souls of all avid progressive voters but there is dissension among their troops. Supporters of Bernie Sanders are being chastised by hard line Democrats, making them feel like a kid being scolded by their mother for not playing nice with the other kids. Those who Felt the Bern are being asked to roll over and sign up with those on board the Clinton steam train to victory.

As far as the actual convention went, the Democrat Committees did their best to keep fever in this election; some of that fevered magic they saw when Barack Obama took off on his first Presidential win. They brought the heavy hitters on stage to address the audience; names like Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Michelle Obama…we expected no less. The Republicans do the same thing for their pep rally. These conventions are proportionately geared heavier on fanfare than real substance and that, is one area where Democrats and Republicans are alike. Both of them run their conventions like a high school pep rally so everyone can rattle their sabers and feel good about the whole free election thing. So Bernie Sanders supporters, pretty much sold on the reality of him off the ticket, are on board to vote and keep Trump out by voting for Hillary, but they still have some issues. They want to say let’s all back the fuck up a few steps and look at some of these numbers that slid Clinton into the front runner position. There are still speculations about large numbers of electoral votes that were meant for Bernie Sanders, somehow mysteriously not being tallied. To say the lady doesn’t have an assload of scandal following her around is ludicrous. If Hillary Clinton worked with you, she would be the back stabbing, caustic employee that everyone despised. A power hungry career politician who sees the opportunity to go down in history as America’s First female President. She’s been forged in the most hallowed of political halls and withstood a gauntlet of accusations and still, she wades through it all like so much debris, and stares at you with these eyes that say “is that all you got?” This is what Bernie Sanders supporters are supposed to get up and get over for. Bernie’s out, quit whining and get on board the Trump derailment agenda…so will they?

Go back and look at the success of her husband, Bill Clinton, and how the campaign team of lizards that got him in operated. People like James Carville and George Stephanopolous. I use Bill mainly because I feel he is a good solid example of modern day political campaigns that were run successfully. Obama’s campaign was different because he utilized non-traditional means (the internet) to gain support and popularity . Bill Clinton was old school mixed with a dash of young and hip…hip for the times. The Clintons know how to win elections and that is a force to be addressed, as far as wise Republican strategists see it. Democrats are equally as concerned about this uncanny ability for Donald Trump to stay alive in the race. When he first sauntered off that escalator to announce his run, a lot of people felt he’d last a month or so and here we are, months away from November, and he is now the Republican choice for President…and Hillary is the other side of that coin. These are the two candidates this nation must decide on.

One of the big key issues associated with this election is the inevitable need to fill some Supreme Court seats once the next President, whoever that ends up being, gets elected. I feel it’s safe to say, whether Clinton or Trump, the selection process for Supreme Court Justice positions will be a time wasting process we’ll all be privy to watching in the upcoming years. Congress and even politicians not directly associated with the whole procedure, will want to stick their face on the screen to give their take on any potential nominee. Not much has been said recently about military projects, invasions, wars and such but I’m sure we all feel something new is just around the corner. The buckets of ISIS scare the Republicans marched out at their convention will undoubtedly lead to a skirmish on some foreign land, a sad reality. There are still record numbers of shootings, premeditated and accidental, but more seems to be happening on local levels helping those problems. Community organizations are working to keep violence out of there neighborhoods but it’s a slow process. At some point during the upcoming years, the next President will face even more adverse issues surrounding guns and gun ownership.

…but now I feel is the time to give those Sanders supporters a breather because yes, they will come on board to try and stop Donald Trump, but no, they do not feel good about having to side up with Hillary Clinton. I want to wait and see what happens after the dust settles and the whisky stops burning…


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