Revisiting Trumpenstein pt. fini: Our Destiny?


I walked away from this rally as the last words hitting my ears were the sound of Don encouraging the audience to chant that wall slogan one more time. Jesus fucking Christ, Don, give it a rest! Now it was time to go home and absorb the noise and fugue and wait for the Republican National Convention to kick off in a few days. The convention will consolidate the party and allow Donald J. Trumpenstein to win the GOP crown. He becomes the favored choice for the Republican Party so now, the final heat of this race can officially start. My need to see any more of this monster that day became outweighed by the desire to beat any traffic snafu getting out of the parking lot so Mike and I left quietly, humming from this car wreck of a rally.

Currently, more and more right wing voters have come around to feeling comfortable with Donald. Voting for Trump no longer needs hidden, like some embarrassment too shaming to talk about. I can’t map out the reasons for this; the whole ‘Authoritarian’ Scare take on Trump’s rise seems feasible to me, yet there must be more than mere Islamophobic rhetoric or waving a stern finger at China, blaming them for everything wrong. You can explain how panic is getting votes but recognizing doesn’t make it stop. Those who have been conditioned by all the ‘terror on our nation’ headlines refuse to believe things will get better in this country until we start lobbing the heads off foreign looking people-and that’s a scary fucking attitude for a nation to develop. Xenophobia will dismantle our country quicker than you might imagine and given the state of our market (in comparison to the rest of the world), it seems more people want to blame the ‘other’ guy-the other nation-for America’s problems.

Ah, Trumpenstein, you orange haired bastard. You now tower over all those conquered and in spite all your racist remarks, in spite the mockery and venom you threw out to the masses, you now stand alone as the leading Republican choice. This entire election is impossible for anyone to illustrate with any sense of logic. Who would’ve thought some pompous bully businessman from New York could make it in American politics; Trump’s name is more closely associated (in recent years) with a reality show than policy making or governing a country. Having some tycoon run a country seemed a bit far fetched to most people-yet here we are in 2016, watching as the countdown to November comes closer and Trump is now one inch away from the Oval Office. I suppose a non-pro politician, like Trump, is no crazier than a ‘b’ class actor like Ronald Regan stepping onto the scene to become a dual term President for this nation. The paradox with our society is, we don’t want a career politicians in our House and Senate any longer…yet we can’t afford to rely on having someone step into the game unless they are a career politician. You certainly wouldn’t want a non-union (or inexperienced) plumber coming into your house and rattling around your pipes when they break. You would expect a professional plumber to give you good service though, and a fair price. Our Senators and Representatives dropped the ball and after decades of the same tired shit spilling out their mouths, a large crowds have emerged to support this non-career politician..

The Republican Convention attendees now gathered behind Trump, for the most part, united to his candidacy. The only brave heart at the convention was Ted Cruz, who got up and pretty much washed his hands of the whole scene. Cruz made it known that he would not support Trump and with that, left the scene with a proverbial middle finger in the air. The side show went on, in spite Cruz’s protest and before we knew it, Don came out to accept the nomination as Presidential candidate, side by side with fellow racist/homophobe, Mike Pence. This has shades of 1950’s WASP-white America written all over it and the frightened huddled masses that inched their way behind supporting Trump just let it happen. Not much they could do at this point. They’ve grown too insensitive and no longer care about freedom and justice for all. Is their desire to vote against Hillary Clinton that strong?….apparently it is.

As I watched those closing moments of the convention, I noticed a new twist of strategy. Trumpenstein’s poise was now one of solemn confidence. He dropped the swagger and began to address the group in a more luring manner, referring to the right wing party as “we’, rather than “I”. He wanted to invoke a hive mentality, wanted to make this a collective effort and this may very well be the thing to upset a Hillary Clinton victory. I may not be able to explain the sense of security voters feel with Trump, but I certainly have the ability to see this ploy to secure support from those wanting to get away from Clinton. Drop the “I’ in your speeches and replace it with inferences of ‘we’…this could be a winning strategy, Don. I need to give this thing some time to develop. I want to see how Hillary will counter this jab to the ribs. Let’s all give it some time and watch in horror as our country sinks down the drain….

….Welcome to the Church.


1 Response to “Revisiting Trumpenstein pt. fini: Our Destiny?”

  1. 07/24/2016 at 1:05 am

    I think it’s all a con.

    What I get from the convention is this: the very rich don’t care about race, sexuality or gender identity.

    The rich never suffer the consequences of their politics.

    They never set foot on streets that smell of shit and piss..

    A rich woman who wants an abortion can always fly to a country where they’re legal.

    The rich always have access to doctors and universities.

    Revoke the Affordable Care Act?

    Paul Ryan will always have access to medical care.

    How many homes does the gay republican billionaire own in how many countries?

    He can always run pay-pal from a country that isn’t run by homophobes.

    Why is a gay man Republican? Because greed and the power of wealth ‘Trumps’ identity.

    The 1% doesn’t give a rats ass about gay.

    African-American billionaires are more about being rich than black. And poor little rich girl Caitlyn Jenner, I mean it’s so hard to belong to a political party that persecutes transgenders who aren’t rich enough to sue.

    Do you suppose that this is why federally funded legal aid is gone?

    Of all the cons perhaps the biggest is this winning of ‘rights’.

    I can’t think of a single person at the Stonewall Riots who was rich enough to
    sue someone who violated his civil rights.

    That’s why the vision of Gay Liberation went beyond rights.

    The founders of gay liberation knew that gay capitalists are no better than straight ones.

    So now we have a rainbow coalition of oppressors who will do anything to keep us the 99% from uniting.

    Absolutely anything.

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