Revisiting Trumpenstein pt. 2; Resolute Madness


I don’t know why I panicked so hard about having a pipe and a prescription bottle of weed in my pocket. Trump Security was focused on weapons – foreign metal objects. My pot wasn’t in a metal container and my pipe is made out of soapstone, yet I pulled the pipe out of my pocket and tucked it in my sock, just as this thought ran through my head. I noticed a dozen or so sets of eyes watching me. Not my most sleuth like move. Fuck’em. No one wanted to cause a slowdown at this point and I wasn’t some Jihad-looking young man so I passed by security unscathed. I was tempted to go in the bathroom and light up a bowl now that I made it in, just to stir up some controversy at this shindig because I had a feeling this was going to be about as boring as one could imagine. I should fire up…give Carl something to tell the wife and kids at home tonight.

Mike and I got inside the area where the stage was set. I admired the structure of this building. The whole thing was like a virgin indoor field with some of the best looking/feeling artificial turf I’d ever seen. We milled through the crowd and decided to survey people to get a feel on the crowd’s opinion of Trump; whether they were hard core supporters, mild followers or what. As we walked around, we toyed with the ‘what if’ scenario where Donald the Man, the Monster, gets elected as President of the United States. Could voters become so discouraged and disgusted with American politics that they vote him in, just to see the whole thing burn down? This, to me, would be the true modern day Nihilist approach to our voting system. I’ve heard a lot of people try to bring up the idea (once again) of a third party system but I feel in order to do that, you need to strip everything down to raw metal. You can’t paint over rust. Maybe enough people out there will make a total mockery of Freedom and our ‘successful’ Capitalist society. Hell, I can imagine the undecided quotient, or maybe rabid Bernie Sanders enthusiasts, going off the deep end and saying ‘fuck it all, I’m taking it all apart!’.

I found about a third of the people there were avid supporters of Trump, one third were nervous Republican voters who wanted to see (in person) what their party was getting into by electing Trump, and another third were just watching the dog and pony show. I only saw one sign in the entire audience and there weren’t many colorful costumed people roaming the crowd. There was a mother (? Guardian?) parading seven children around wearing red shirts with the message MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN VOTE FOR TRUMP written on their shirts. I had a brief moment to run over and shake the hand of incumbent Republican Senator Dan Coats but felt no need to throw out any interviewing questions to him. Politicians of his caliber have developed smooth talk to the nth degree and could bounce me off with hardly an effort. Plus, I was here for the Trump monster. Show-face members of the Republican party, like Coats, may be sparkly to look and touch, but most will only give a brief nod of support at Trump. Trump’s an enigma wrapped in a puzzle and it’s easier to stay on the outskirts of standing in line with this man-at least healthier-for a politician. Show up and let voters admire you, then pop out. Plus, Coats had to know that the main event of the evening would be preceded with an introduction by Mike Pence. Pence was where the crowd’s attention would be focused. Pence and Trump; but until it would be officially announced, a few days from now (and we all find out that Pence did indeed, become selected by Trump), no one was really for certain if Pence was the chosen one. Trump could surprise the crowd and have the Big Man, Chris Christie, lumber on stage as his running mate. Some people there were hoping to hear Ben Carson added back into the mix. I now felt sure this recent swing through the Midwest by Trump was a timed response to Sanders dropping out of the main run of the race. To date of this posting, there are still those holding to hope, wanting enough numbers to put Sanders in the lead over everyone, but the odds on that seem greater than winning the lottery.

So Trump ended up going out there and be his typical, narcissistic self, feeding the crowd his standard lines. We heard about the shooting tragedies and how he blames Obama. He spouted off on Hillary Clinton, and he brought up that wall again – even got the crowd chanting along with him.
“-and what are we gonna do people?”

This was right out of a movie script; resolute madness to a crowd from this man. The formation of Republican followers into an unstoppable synergy of support for something they don’t even believe in.
We watched on…..for a while…


3 Responses to “Revisiting Trumpenstein pt. 2; Resolute Madness”

  1. 07/19/2016 at 3:44 am

    This is an amazing insight: “The formation of Republican followers into an unstoppable synergy of support for something they don’t even believe in.”

    • 07/19/2016 at 3:45 am

      It’s the strangest election I’ve ever seen and I’m appreciative and horrified to be experiencing it.

      • 07/19/2016 at 3:53 am

        What I find horrifying is that the GOP doesn’t even rise to the squalid stupidity of the Nazis.

        This is an ugly exercise in bad manners designed to cater to a spoiled people who don’t comprehend the democracy they claim to love.

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