Revisiting Trumpenstein pt. 1


These are ill and bizarre times we’re living in and not many can see a bright spot on the horizon. Recent shootings of black Americans have been deemed (by majority) as unjustified and outright murder. Our country is at wit’s end; Acts of violence, both by and toward police, hit YouTube and prime time TV news leaving people on both ends of the spectrum screaming for retribution. Bandits in our state and federal offices, on our street corners, going unpunished for acts against the common people and all that led up to to a bunch of innocent African Americans getting killed and some officers getting shot down in Dallas, Texas. Yes these are creepy fucking times…a modern day twenty first century dystopia with no action toward a solution in sight. What a perfect time for me to go see Donald Trump again.

The Trump campaign was rolling through Indiana after a stop in Chicago. At this point in time, new momentum surged into the Clinton campaign as Bernie Sanders gracefully bowed out in a questionable concession to Hillary. With that action by Sanders, Democrats are now supposed to unite behind one candidate – the lady so many Americans love to hate. I kept wondering what Trump’s people would pull out in response to Sander’s action…would Donald announce a running mate? Trump’s short list for v.p. include Chris Christie, Newt Gingrich, Donald’s daughter (Ivanka), and despised Indiana Governor, Mike Pence. Pence and Trump would certainly make the most heinous combination one could dream up- like Bond villains set loose on the world. Pence’s homophobic attitude gained him national fame for a few seconds as a loathsome human, which would pair up nicely with the racist/sexist comments Trump has been making all along the campaign.

This time, the Donald machine would not be in the capital city where larger groups of lower income voters have access to seeing the legend in person. This stop would be just north of Indianapolis in a burg called Westfield. If you wanted to see and hear Trump this go around you would have to go up north a few miles where the crowds got whiter and the lawns more pristine. The household incomes in Westfield must be well above average because you don’t see grayish street flotsam in the gutters or people with pants hanging down on their ass. It’s a present day Norman Rockwell painting with undertones of punishing attitudes toward those different than themselves. I needed to survey the look and feel of Trump supporters in a more concentrated rural setting. Trump’s first 2016 visit to Indy exposed him to the heart of urban/metro Indianapolis. Up in this richer, more Mayberry RFD neighborhood, he should be getting a pure strain of Republican/conservative voters. None of the protesting lot here. No strong black American protest demanding restitution for all the recent black deaths, no callout from Latinos against the racial slurs Trump hit them with along the campaign…this thing could turn out to be as white as a Klan rally.

Again this time, my brother would be with me for the event. He is the perfect antagonist in a situation where crowds gather for a cause. He’s like the subconscious actions of that fabled Trickster of American Indian lore, the Coyote. When people get too smug and assured that they have all the answers, you need someone with enough balls to go in there and remind them that they don’t. This is what the Coyote does. This is what Mike can bring to the game-and he didn’t disappoint me.

The crowd was one continuous line of white people. We had to do something to pass the time while we waited to enter. A quick scan showed the only black faces at the event were ten vendors selling iconic political t-shirts and other paraphernalia. I asked one of the vendors how he felt being in a sea of white folks and he just smiled and told me he got used to it following the campaign trail. Mike and I started a conversation with two ladies while standing in line, waiting for our turn through the entrance. The conversation started pleasant enough, asking them if they felt Trump would announce a v.p. running mate and if so, who would they like that to be. The shorter of the two ladies beamed up right away and said she wanted to see Newt Gingrich get the bid. Mike immediately told her he didn’t like Gingrich at all and asked her what it was about the man she liked. She told us she liked Newt because he’s smart. Gingrich is the guy who wanted to put a base on the moon as one of his priorities when he ran for President. Gingrich is the guy who got caught cheating on his wife when she was in the hospital with cancer. Yeah, if you want to believe Gingrich is smart….

We all kept civil about our disagreements and soon, we were at the front of the line; the security checkpoint everyone had to go through. Metal detectors and empty your pockets…standard procedure for these events. It was at that point I remembered I had a pipe and a prescription bottle full of weed on me…in Whitey Whitey Whiteville.


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