Tech Monster Society; Another Tale From the Bus


That mythical character they call ‘the Trickster’ seems to live within the frightening world we’ve created on the internet. People online scour news feeds around the clock, being shoveled horror stories at a pace too rapid or safe for humans. Websites fight for your attention and lure you to click on that daring banner telling you “the rest of this image will shock you!”…which it rarely does, but too late. They got your click.

Headlines meet our screens in an endless stream of tragedy and shame. People in towns you never knew existed are suddenly main topic discussions on social media and network television is not too proud to play follow-up from viral stories off the web. Many become apathetic knowing the upcoming election holds little hope for a good and honest attempt to fix America…because the internet and television tell us so. Newest craze on the political fanfare has Hillary Clinton luring voters with leaked stories on a potential vice presidential choice. Names are thrown around, from the believable, (Sen. Mass. Elizabeth Warren) to the plausible, (Sen. Minn. Al Franken) to the absurd (Gov. Mo. Jay Nixon or frmr. President Bill Clinton). On the Republican side, stories leak out on Trump possibly cozying up to Chris “The Big Man” Christie, as a V.P. running mate. Mitt Romney, that bland filet-o-fish, dusted the cobwebs from his face and announced his family believes he should up (this late in the game) and go to bat as a Republican option. I’m not even sure the election committees of our country would allow that. Someone would drum up a law of precedence against it and Mitt would only cause more of a cluster-fuck for people to wade through while figuring out who to pull the lever for in November. Stories continue to pepper the internet showing Bernie Sanders not giving up and while this gives Sanders supporters a fresh breath of hope, it leaves them wondering if he could actually pull off a win. There is a lot of tainted media out there telling us he can’t win, he can win….this is the trouble we’ve created online. So many fear what the Democrats or the Republicans will do to shred their world apart but they don’t want to stop and say we the people are the ones doing the shredding. They post stories about ‘potential’ spots terrorism could happen in our country-stirring up the fright, getting you to click through to the next page in an attempt to make yourself informed, passing it along to friends online. The madness continues to pump out each day and I wondered where the humanity was in all this tech transfer and communication between us….but there is nothing human online, so there is very little humanity. I did, however, experience humanity today on the bus, with real humans.

In the past I have given hell to the local transit system in Indy and they deserve it to some degree, but not because of the folks on board or the drivers. The operation needs to be managed better and things could work out. The riders and drivers are actually what make you smile and put faith back in humanity. This week IndyGo bus is celebrating the opening of their new downtown central station by giving free rides until the fourth of July for anyone wanting to hop on board. That alone is a great gesture but it didn’t stop there. This morning the bus driver made it a point to stop when he saw a passenger hoofing it down the street and asked them if they wanted to climb on for a free ride. He didn’t have to do that-he could have drove right by, but didn’t…he acted humane. This generous attitude left everyone on board with good feelings and soon, riders and driver started joking and sharing secrets about how they cook ribs. Swapping recipes and shooting the shit and feeling good about things for a while. It made everyone there smile. This wasn’t like the fleeting smile you get watching a video of cute puppies online. This was a lasting smile that makes you feel good inside and wanting to do better for the world; makes you want to pass this feeling on to others.

Let’s all stop posting so many negative thoughts and shock stories and start reconnecting with one another. Let’s balance out our contact with humans because this online world so many of us hover in will drive us all to depression faster than anything and then some people out there lose hope and feel nothing but despair and then one day, maybe they find the gun and head for some place crowded. Plausible? Check the headlines. People are shooting folks up left and right.

..but not you or me…we have the Church




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