Oh Mama, Is This Really The End?


On June 15th, Stacey Feeley posted a picture online of her three year old daughter standing on the seat of the toilet in their home. Stacey felt her daughter was just acting up, then her daughter told Stacey she was practicing the lock-down method she was taught at preschool. Some preschools now teach safety procedures on what to do should a lone insane gunman come bouncing by.

Tuesday at 7:30 am, Port Authority Enforcement apprehended three people driving through the Holland Tunnel on their way to the Big Apple that were armed to the teeth with assault weapons and quasi-military equipment. Two men and one woman said they were on their way to NYC to rescue a female friend who was on drugs and trapped in the city. A pair of senior law enforcement officials on the case quickly came out to report that the three in custody were “gun enthusiasts” and found nothing to connect them to any terrorist group.

Gun situations, incidents, and mass shootings hit the headlines every day then vanish before the next horror story jumps out. Some politicians, like Gabrielle “Gabby” Giffords (others as well but with the headshot she took I feel she’s probably the most qualified politician to represent) are beginning to push just a little bit harder to get legislation passed that will do something about America’s gun laws. Old Republicans sit steadfast and dodge any semblance of work or obligation while the citizens of this country gnash their teeth…didn’t they mention something about the gnashing of teeth in the Bible? The point is, I’ve noticed an increased effort from celebrities, politicians and retired military to make congress do something about the shooting madness going on in the States. Here’s to hoping they come up with some action-soon.

A continuing problem that runs parallel to all the shooting madness is the voodoo incantations the web throws in our face every day. We’re bombarded daily from sites we’ve grown accustomed to receiving daily news from; sites in constant battle to gain the attention of an audience by alerting them to the ‘threat of the moment’, the viral video of whatever insane thing happened somewhere in the world, just now. News stations on television sold out some years ago, back when that was the only frame for broadcasting information to the general public. Internet news is an added feature our new age of technology has brought about and it is wonderful, yet lethal at the same time. Abuse of the information highway will lead you down a dark path of despair quicker than anything. It will make you forget the physical world outside and focus on the scary tales streaming over your phone or pad or computer. The stories pile up so quick and you know every day when you face that media machine of yours, you will see more bad…and the bad will eat you up. What most of us do with this experience is wring our hands and take our drug of choice to quell the horror thoughts…then there are those, like Jared Lee Loughner, or James Holmes, or Omar Mateen…those guys get exposed to high doses of media, mixed in with the huge amount of crazy they already harbor; they jump for a weapon. People on the brink may always be like that. If they don’t have a gun they might use a sword or a knife or a fucking brick upside your head…so if you give them easy access to assault weapons, they will use them.

The whole world tunes in to every story imaginable involving massacres and shootings, every little town in America is being frightened into believing a bloody gore-o-rama is on it’s way to their town. Yes, it could happen to any town in America but statistically speaking your odds are still pretty good against getting shot, unless you live in a high crime spot. People in Gary, Indiana are on a totally different playing field so they don’t count. More towns in America will be safe than those under fire, at least for now. If we keep allowing huge amounts of powerful rifles and guns and fucking bazookas, those numbers might tip in favor of more violent town incidents than not. Yes…perhaps there was a group of gun wielding maniacs driving through the Holland Tunnel on their way to save a friend strung out on smack but Port Authority did their job today and caught them, and the world was a little safer. Tomorrow, or the next day, there may be another incident but-

-let’s get rid of some of these guns…..


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