One More Gun


This past weekend, acceptance and love walked the streets of downtown Indianapolis; in Florida, hatred and death mowed down innocent people in a public bar. I was all prepared to post a positive story about what good the Gay Pride parade and celebration in Indy did for the community in whole, what with so many citizens here standing in defiance against their homophobic Governor, Mike Pence. It was truly a gathering of thousands, all in support and acceptance of people and people’s life choice, a wave of happiness for all…then news broke out on what was reported as one of the worst U.S. massacres in history.

Omar Mateen, a lone gunman living near Orlando, Florida, walked into a gay nightclub with a handgun and an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle, and killed at least 49 people. Fifty more were wounded by Mateen before police intervened and took the gunman’s life. Within hours the media coverage of this horrible event began to expand into the who, why and what-all connected with the shooter. As with most first reports, the numbers hurt and/or killed were unclear and information about the gunman’s reason(s) for such a heinous act were still being collected. The story’s particulars began to fill in; a quiet man of Afghan descent, Muslim. His ex-wife spoke of him having violent bouts and being mentally ill, repeatedly beating her while they were married. He was interviewed twice by the FBI under suspicion of having ties with Islamic militants but was cleared. Federal officials could not verify the validity of any subversive remarks or actions connected to Omar. He held a job as a security officer and carried a gun as part of his duties but according to all federal scrutiny the man appeared to be trustworthy enough to be off any watch lists the FBI held.

Following swiftly on the back-end of the mounting reports about the man’s background came a barrage of responses from politicians and presidential candidates. Public figures felt they had to come out with a statement ASAP or be painted as insensitive by the media (and perhaps the public). Donald Trump wanted to take this most tragic story and spin it into a campaign plug for himself, announcing to the world his blame of tepid immigration laws and President Obama’s lack of being tough on “radical Islam”. In a message sent out, Trump said ” I said this was going to happen-and it is only going to get worse.” Hillary Clinton lashed out against remarks from Trump, hoping to quell any surge in Islamophobic vote bating her Republican opponent threw out there. Clinton went on to call the incident in Orlando an act of terror and an act of hate. The LGBTQ community mourned at this tragic event and once again are forced to sit in the wings; The Pink Pistols, a gay gun rights advocate group in Florida now call for the LGBTQ community to arm themselves. Social media celebrities, actors and actresses are all coming out with statements demanding something be done about this out of control gun problem the country is having and our lawmakers sit docile, unable to do anything.

It needs to stop and until we find a long term solution – or the closest thing to a perfect one we can get – we should at least impose a short term solution. On the short list? Strike off the country’s need list: one more gun. We do not need one more gun. We have more than enough and in fact, we need to get rid of a lot of them. We have so many guns, kids are pulling them out of their mother’s purses or wandering into their parent’s bedroom and finding one and blowing someone away. We have so many guns that people with serious mental problems, like James Holmes, can get a cache of them and go ass-berserk crazy in a theater. We have so many guns that a couple punk kids, like Klebold and Harris, can round up a bundle of them and take innocent people’s lives at school. We have so many guns that couples are shooting each other in arguments over the television remote control, or because they laughed at the wrong moment. We have so many guns that any terrorist in our country could just as easily arm themselves here as from abroad in some clandestine manner. We have so many guns, I feel we can afford to get rid of assault weapons. Assault weapons have never been used in anything good. Keep a pistol on you if you must but learn to use the fucking thing properly and keep it under safe watch-always. This I throw out as a compromise to both sides of the issue…baby steps to see how things go.  We don’t need one more gun in this country. What we need is to work on what makes people want to turn to that gun for solutions…and until then believe me-we have enough guns. We don’t need






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