Tearing Up Our Political Race Tickets


The last few primary races are coming in and network news stations got to where they were pleading with Bernie Sanders to concede to Hillary Clinton. Too many voters out there disgruntled by Republican’s choice with Trump are wanting to rally round a solo candidate; someone to thwart that Republican monster Trump’s attempt at the White House. The news stories were quick with the announcement of Hillary Clinton coming out the victor for the Democrats as Sanders supporters fight on, refusing to let go of their dreams. Reports raced on of Clinton’s apparent victory over Bernie while Sanders was meeting with President Obama for what must have been some juicy political tidbits privy for the Senator’s ears alone. Who knows what that meeting was like but damn, it sure seemed that everyone was giving Bernie a slow diffusing. There may come that awkward moment where the Senator will have to take a call from Hillary and when that moment happens, we can all officially say the 2016 election hit it’s lowest point. The final heat of a presidential race from Hell will begin. The two remaining warriors on the field; the last two thoroughbreds on the racetrack. The pompous little rich racist, and the mysterious political machine from Arkansas (technically, Hillary was born in Chicago, but the Arkansas connection will Bill will always be the beginning of her origin story).

Clinton supporters are upset with the Sanders Democrats and feel they should come to the table; jump into their Hillary machine so all can help defeat Donald Trumpenstein. Donald struggles to keep his cool out on the campaign trail. He no longer worries about his fellow contenders but he has to acknowledge the swarm of individuals out there who want him to crash and burn. His staff continues to primp him for the cameras and persuade use of a teleprompter for scripted offerings to the lost Republican voters out there that feel the party abandoned them. Those who didn’t support Trump have been floundering over what lever to pull come November. Then, there are the group of Republicans who were fed up with the dozens of possible candidates out there sounding like every other politician on the podium. Whether it was Kasich, Cruz, Fiorina, or the other right wing candidates that fell out of the race, the majority of conservative voters did not find a strong enough appeal inside any of them to back…hence, the Authoritarians pushed Trump to the front of the line and now he’s the candidate for the right wing vote.

Now that it looks like Hillary will become the Democrat’s choice, I see a developing split from left wing voters too. A small stirring among the wandering Sanders voters begins. Some have stopped feeling the Bern. Many will vote for Clinton but I see the suppressed shudder they give when asked if they will indeed, fight for Hillary to stop Donald. There are too many unanswered problems facing the one time Secretary of State. A true investigation from the FBI behind her suppression/destruction of information still faces her and I’m sure Trump will be more than happy to jump on that shot to the kidneys in a debate with her. This may leave a string of left wing voters adrift in the Sargasso Sea of American politics, along with their equally lost Republican brethren and sisters. Perhaps a division of both parties will arise from this growing number of dissatisfied citizens and we’ll see New World Republican and Democrat tribes. I don’t see voters crawling to support the existing minor parties like the Green Party or the Libertarians. Those organizations are seen for their past defeats; they’re like Whigs, or the American Communist Party-been around forever but more or less an irritant to everyone, not a true ideology to run a country with. I think people would want to start off fresh, a brand new logo to splash out there to say we’re the new, now thinking group of voters…but this is just a hypothesis on my part. I can’t say for certain that the parties will divide like that but this nasty little presidential race has left me wondering what the fuck will become of our American way of life. Will this all bring about a revolution or will we all become subdued under the corporate stranglehold of our financial existence? How you gonna get jobs back from China, Don? How you gonna get that wall built? Who all are you selling out to Hillary? Too many voters are tearing up their political race tickets and walking away, disgusted and gypped. We’re all looking for something to turn around this madness in our country and the old ways don’t seem to be working. Our elected officials are making a mockery of the Capitalistic success of America that made us the envy of the world for a while; but that system in a global economy? Will it still work? I feel we have control of our local offices, or at least have the ability to mass together and thwart any evil bastard trying to stay in office…at least I hope so. Local citizens of Indiana will put that to the test with their Governor and try to oust him next election. The race for the Big House though, that’s on a different level and I fear we have let it slip so far into the hands of corporations and cronies locked behind gold doors in Washington that they have become like Bond villains to us. Let’s see where the race heads next.


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