Bus Tale; Local Heroes;President Trumpenstein


This guy is hammered and rolls his way onto the bus I’m riding. He has a couple small cases of Budweiser perched in a wheelchair and makes the driver go through the routine of setting up privileged seating for his chair and brew. The driver insists he either fold up the chair and put the beer on a seat next to him or sit in the chair and be strapped in, like someone who actually needed a fucking wheelchair. In all fairness, I suppose as drunk as he was, the wheelchair was probably a good call on his part. He was making his way to the Indianapolis 500 race track with a buddy and the party had already begun. Once he was seat belted in the chair he asked the driver if he could have a beer.
“You can-if you want to get off.” Eventually it sank into the guy’s brain that he was being a bit of an ass to the rest of the riders so he just quietly fumed at the rest of us for putting a damper on his buzz.

For me he was a distraction from the evaluation I had been doing on where this presidential race was going. What a sickening turn this political system of ours here in America has taken. One of the benefits of Capitalism we like to tout is the freedom to vote for the candidate of our choice. The sad joke of it all is, what we end up voting for is not necessarily what we get. Superdelegate status and uncontrollable power votes for a candidate from those deemed ‘qualified’ to represent the vote of their party/people in caucuses and primaries leaves many of us scratching out heads trying to figure out the numbers breakdown. The rules seem sketchy, at best and in spite of a candidate winning the people’s vote, those called the winner of a primary are doing so by an ill-logic numbers ruse we’re being fed. Both Democrats and Republicans are privatized clubs that manage the rules and run them around a series of obstacles hellbent on giving them control over what potential president they throw before the public. They can disregard the results of any given primary and state delegates can easily-and untethered-vote for whoever they want…fuck the people, they’re the professionals here.

Drunky Man keeps looking back and sneering at me because he’s heard me laughing at him the entire time he stumbled onto the bus. I can’t contain myself ..he’s the epitome of an American at this point. Self medicated on some cheap liquor with a brand name that meant something to a generation now fading away. On his way to the Hoosier tradition known as ‘going to the Track’. A legacy of drunken brawls on the infield and high powered money, high powered cars. Soon I would be getting off in the heart of town, on Massachusetts Avenue where a rally was developing to oust local despot Governor, Mike Pence. This is the man setting back race relations in Indiana a few decades or so. I can think of no toes he won’t step on in order to preform his sadistic reign over this state. His homophobic, uterus probing agendas are far from representation of the common person here in Sleepytown. The city is boiling fucking mad and they want this maniac stopped. The effort of local heroes gathered the LGBT community and anyone else who happened by on Mass. Ave. to sign petitions and get involved in raising a gauntlet of force to oust Pence. This seems much more doable than trying to turn out one of the presidential candidates-or a senator. Senators are power monsters in Washington…State Representatives too. Politics on a nationwide basis is more time consuming and more costly than Mayoral or Governor’s elections. State and local are much more obtainable for the common people…so these locals work to oust Pence and will take any and all support they can get from the masses here in Indy. For those wanting to know more about their group, go to www.Pencemustgo.

I keep looking at the numbers the three remaining candidates are pulling in and making my end-game synopsis. I just call it like I see it and I know, opinions are like assholes, but if you spend anytime wading through the muck of this election and can stay somewhat bias, I think you can end up with a fair assessment of where this race is headed. I know Sanders supporters want Bernie to take it but it’s looking more and more bleak. They can still put up a fight and make things change, but should prepare themselves for the opposite of what they had hoped for this election. I’m not telling you how this race should work out; I’m telling you, the majority of polls I’ve watched come up with numbers that say Clinton beats out Sanders and Trump beats out Clinton. This doesn’t mean the numbers can’t change, but the head of steam needed to accomplish that seems hopeless…people seem as if they would much rather buy some Budweiser and get so shitfaced that they need a wheelchair to make it home. They too, may envision a future where President Trump stands in the Rose Garden to address us…drink on, you patrons of the bus…and welcome to the Church.


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