A Horrorshow Photo Finish?


The rain continues to linger here in the Midwest; a fitting tribute to the pulse of recent events in my life. A fitting tribute to the climate of this Presidential election. These recent  gray skies were cover for me, lurking in the chapel here at the Church. I spent a few days being a nurse for someone going through the throes of beating a nasty addiction to opiates…trying to beat it, I should say. It ain’t over ’til it’s over, as Berra once said. Opiate addictions are a nasty affair. One of the most disrespectful things a person can undergo is the transformation heroin will put them through. Pain meds like Oxycontin or Vicodin aren’t much better but typically the pill addict still has some semblance of decency bouncing around in them, somewhere. The full, balls out-skin popping smack addict is a miserable sot to come in contact with.

This past week also gave us the parting of political Republican candidate, Ted Cruz (Sen. -TX.) who bowed out of the race as cameras caught his awkward retreat. He accidentally banged his wife in the face with his elbow-three times and left the race to go do whatever it is Ted Cruz does. Cruz always appeared uncomfortable in that body of his, leaving me to question if he were truly human, or an early first-gen android being controlled by a secretive pact of old Nazi scientists. He was a man who, later in this campaign cycle, gained a higher percentage of voters believing he was more insane than any other presidential hopeful. When you listened to his speeches, you envision a world like something out of a religious nightmare story King wrote, taking Christianity to that crazy point where a person tries to justify murder or confinement of those who disagree with them. Not to say that what Republican voters are left with is much more endowed to take on the Presidency, but I believe (as a lot of people) Cruz would have brought a cruel term in office to the American public. Trump might run the country into the ground, but Cruz would have run it into the ground and set fire to it.

On the Democratic side of the spectrum, huge turnouts of Bernie Sanders (Sen. -VT) supporters have been hellbent on keeping his campaign alive; trying their best to keep a hopeful possibility for this November’s election. Sanders won the Indiana primary but committed votes from superdelegates  to Hillary Clinton (frmr. Sec. of State) give her the win in Indiana. Too often during this cycle of primaries, Sanders has been thwarted by the political grey matter of American politics, leaving him a growing popular choice for the people, but not for the Machine. Democrats, Republicans and big business interests aren’t too keen on having this man at the helm. Sanders intends to take the upper crust society of the world and give it a well deserved shake down. His campaign has been built on the promise of getting a Democratic Socialist strategy in play by having wealthier, large corporations to start footing tax dollars and expenditures back into the U.S. economy. Clinton began her campaign as a fair option for some Democrat voters, but as the election coverage waned on and more stories continued to emerge against her character/involvement in domestic and foreign policies, her popularity declined. Not so many are anxious to see her take the Dem’s bid for the election and now, optimistic Sanders supporters are left worried. In earlier blog posts I had predicted the possibility of Trump coming out as the candidate for Republicans, as well as my prediction that growing numbers of people would give him their vote-not because they support him, but because they detest Clinton. The money played out on that prediction and if I had laid cash down in Vegas, I would now be in that sinful town snorting cocaine off a high priced hooker’s ass.

The race seems to be leaving us with one of two alternatives; either Trump wins because more people vote to keep Hillary out, or Clinton wins because the popular vote no longer seems to matter in U.S. politics. This country supposedly prides itself on democracy yet the procedure and addenda of the free vote grow stale. Some laws that stand to this day were based on a less populace America and are in need of revamping. It took professional politicians decades to develop the current strategy of passively rigging elections; rezoning of districts, superdelegate manipulation…these are dirty little tactics used against the American voter in such a manner as to have them fight against one another and ignoring the fact that they might just have voted the same bastards back in office that caused their recent problems. Even with the number of popular votes Sanders may bring in, can he win the spot on the Democrat’s ticket? It’s a hard fearful question to ask myself…it’s like asking myself if I think my friend is going to kick opiates……hard to call, and I fear the worst.

welcome to the Church……


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