The Herd Thins; Sanders on the Prowl


It’s the night before Primary in Indianapolis and Presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders took to the steps of the downtown Circle and gave local supporters what they wanted. The full on money-shot, real deal candidate was here to assure the crowd that he was not letting go of this race. The Midwest has been hit by a follow through whirlwind of 2016 candidates, the strongest leaders as well as those barely hanging onto the race. In all honesty, I have no idea why someone like John Kasich (Gov., OH) is still on the track. His campaign bus was spotted on some outskirt town of Indy, a sad and somber remnant of the man’s hopes and dreams, driving through muttering repetitive rhetoric of his political philosophy.

Bernie Sanders (Sen., VT), amid constant reports of his own defeat by Hillary Clinton (fmr. Sec. of State) is not backing off one bit. For him, this campaign means going non-stop against Clinton now that the smart money says, Trump will take the nod for the Republicans. I can see no other options for the GOP. Ted Cruz (Sen., TX) threw out a last ditch effort by teaming up with the former Baroness of HP (and Destroyer), Carly Fiorina. The Fiorina announcement felt more like Ted wanting someone to hold onto as he sank. His appearance in Indiana was met with a barrage of putdowns. He snapped and told someone their kid should be spanked….implied it, I should say. Members of the audience were eating him alive; continued jeering responses, like this one, will put the killing blow on the Cruz/Fiorina campaign.

Local supporters of Sanders were elated to have the Senator among them in person and his appeal continues to swell across the country. If Sanders wins the nomination for the Democrats, many feel it will be a slam dunk against Trump. Bernie is quick on his feet and has a lifetime of practice and concern for the common people. Donald is being instructed on how to appear concerning and possibly even empathetic, but that’s going to take some time. I suggest that in the mean time, while Bernie continues to swell in popularity and as Trump gets closer to accepting the bid for the Republicans, everyone should remember to study up on local, state and federal position up for election. Everyone was hot about stopping a Congress that does nothing and suggesting to oust those in office. Well folks, the internet will allow you to study up on Representatives, Senators…..Governors…find out who is up for election and put the scare of Jesus in these motherfuckers because one person along cannot tackle the cluster fuck our nation has gotten into. Sanders has some solid sounding ideas but it will take the House and Senate cooperating with him to accomplish the miracles needed. The ability for those two Houses of Thieves and Bastards to co-operate with Bernie, or Hillary, or Donald, is not very promising at this time. Their ability to stall out President Obama on a number of programs showed the nation that they did have some power, but it was more like a negative power…an anti-power. It showed how long they could hold out and pout and bicker and accomplish nothing, while we all watched on, dumbfounded with the knowledge that our taxes were paying for this pathetic folly. Putting one person in office is not going to solve our current issues. People in Indianapolis have littered the landscape with signs wanting to oust current Indiana Governor Mike Pence (R) but how many will look into the background of the person they want to replace him with? Who do they want, specifically, to run against Pence?…and how many of us know or keep in touch with our State Representatives and Senators? I certainly don’t. We all have more important things to do most of the time but I fear it’s so far out of hand that we all should try a bit harder to put a reign on these animals. They’re getting away on a power trip and need to take some Quaaludes and come down. We need to get control of our Reps before our nation’s laws become sold out to the highest bidder. That last sentence may have sounded a bit dramatic but the point is, if they continue to go unchecked, they will run things further into the ground than they already have.


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