Trumpenstein Looms in Sleepytown pt. 2


“Cinnamon and sugary and softly spoken lies
You never know just how you look through other people’s eyes”
-the Butthole Surfers

Time passed by at a surreal rate. I wasn’t taken in by the fever of the man; I came to observe the event and to see how the Republican voting block here in Indianapolis (and surrounding towns represented) stacked up against the Democrats this year. This type fanfare builds steam beneath budding candidates and turns them into viable competitors for the Presidency. I think back now to the beginning of this 2016 campaign, remembering Donald as he did the slow descent on an escalator to a crowd of paid enthusiasts. Not many believed back then (myself included) that he would continue to rise and become the front runner for Republicans…but he’s still in the race and still leading strong.

I don’t recall what theme song they played when Trump sauntered up to the podium here in Indy. They had been blasting generic rock tunes all morning – Rolling Stones, stuff like that. They definitely weren’t playing any old Amboy Dukes songs or hits off Ted Nugent’s Cat Scratch Fever album. They didn’t want to light up the crowd too heavy. Trump’s people seem to be getting Donald to tone it down a bit and not seem so hostile at these events so as to appeal to the undecided voter block. He’s won over a small crowd of right wing crowds but needs more. He needs to secure those stragglers still clinging to belief in a Ted Cruz run for the White House, or walking down a blind alley trying to support any halfwit entering the race this late in the game. Regardless, Donald did finally don the stage and the crowd went fucking nuts. Whooping and cheering as he shot out his bullet point slogans, bloating his jowls before the crowd and standing tall for all to admire. He likes to play the crowd – as do all politicians vying for votes. I kept losing focus on his actual words, then amid the stream of noise coming out of him, I would hear the word “China”, or he might say “lying Ted Cruz”, but those were about the only words I recall of much significance. Too much dope?…or just enough? Political rallies are so close in resemblance to high school pep rallies. The crowds aren’t necessarily always going to be listening for substance of material and policy plans…some times they just want to see the celebrity dance.

It seemed about every ten minutes or so a bubble of protesters would rise up against Trump and begin disrupting the event. The crowd had been instructed via loudspeaker (earlier) not to physically engage protesters, rather they should point them out in the crowd and chant Trump’s name to alert security to their location. Security was pretty swift on the protesters but those opposed to Trump hung on like roaches. Anyone thrown out of the hall would join a now growing amount of outside protestors. Numbers were increasing both inside and out but there were no signs of a huge fight popping up and before long the event lulled into routine. It became a repetitive cycle of Trump saying something trivial, protesters barking – followed by protesters thrown out, Trump doing segue into another hot button topic and finishing with a slogan. Mike told me he needed to hear Trump say “we’re going to build a wall” and by God if Donald didn’t pull it out. He pulled that big dick slogan out and the crowd loved it. It’s a campaign mantra that needs to be on a button…might be on a button in one form or another for all I know. Snappy ( and not-so-snappy) campaign slogans have been used throughout the history of voting in America and they always thrown them on buttons… Surely by now someone has made a ‘we’re gonna build a wall” button. My favorite button of the day was the “Hot Chicks Love Trump” button. There were a variety of Hillary slamming buttons and t-shirts being worn, plenty for sale from authorized dealers.

I think we broke free just in time to avoid major traffic holdups. By the time we were walking outside among the protestors, Secret Service had dismantled metal detectors and security was ready to go to their hotel rooms. The party’s over and you can’t stay here folks. This was when I felt I needed some time to absorb all the nuances of this experience. The undertones of crowd behavior and alike minded people’s kinetic energy…we needed to get out of there and think about what we had just experienced…


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