Frankentrump Must Die


St. Patrick’s Day brought out the usual crowd on what I refer to as (one of two) Amateur night(s) for festivities. As a seasoned veteran of party holidays I discovered that bad accidents and worse judgement happens on these days, and because of that, I typically avoid going out on the drinking holidays. I have become more lenient in this practice with St. Pat’s however, because many good people I know will stroll out to wear green and drink rank beer that evening, so it gives me a chance to catch up with old friends. An east-side bar threw a giant tent up across the street from where I catch the bus, which led me for curiosity’s sake to mingle with the crowd. It was too close, to convenient not to wander over to see what the buzz was.

My mind needed a break from the horrifying news stories developing each day reporting Donald Trump’s rise to power. All sane people by now felt the pompous ass would be out of the race-but no! The beast lives on as the front runner selected to represent the Republican party in this year’s Presidential election. A line has been drawn in the sand; left and right wing moderates are being forced to accept the Trump monster, or help destroy him. Many Republicans are now starting to cope with the concept of another Democrat in the White House, as opposed to letting the failed business tycoon run our country. Among constant reports and video footage of Trump’s pompous speeches to America, anyone with half a brain will notice the characteristics of an insane despot in this man. He actually addressed the world stating “I know words, I have the best words….”. His rallies have shown violence unleashed against any shred of opposition to him, which tends to intermingle with outright racism and stereotyping. He permeates all that has been considered ugly about our country and managed to sell it to a crowd out there….how?

Answering the ‘how’ question is difficult. To date, I haven’t run into any recognized number of Trump supporters so I can’t ask them. One would imagine there would be an abundance of Trump followers in a state whose Governor peppered the internet with his own backwoods mentality. Mike Pence (Gov.-IN) took steps to give Indiana the appearance of a most xenophobic and homophobic state-a false facade, but the only one a majority of the internet news surrounds the world with. I’m happy to report that you will not see a bunch of Trump bumperstickers here, and not many Pence stickers either. There wasn’t enough time or resources for me to get to that Chicago rally where fighting caused authorities to shut the thing down. It was reported that radical protestors there became so intense, officials made the decision to stop the thing before it got too critical…yes, Chicago has a history of political rallies gone bad. Read up on the incidents when Mayor Daley was rocking around Chi-raq.

The Chicago incident is more of what the public needs to see-an honest attack against Frankentrump. The angry villagers are finally beginning to leave their homes and light their torches. Donald is being chased after from various directions and hopefully will get cornered and tossed out. The Republican party, the party which has him as their leading candidate, is ashamed at what they now represent to the world (albeit this racist/xenophobic personification of how ‘Republicans’ are viewed has been on the grow in modern times since Ronald Reagan.). Only now are more voters feeling they should choose between the remaining GOP hopefuls and nix Trump at all costs. Sadly, it is too late for some. Primaries have come and gone and all those who felt no real harm in giving Trump their support may now feel very different that their state has helped keep the monster alive. They would rather have Cruz or Rubio on the ballot, but Trump has stolen their soul and their vote. I don’t think a lot of right wing voters would switch party this election and vote for a Dem; more than likely, they would just stay home this November and mull around ideas for the 2020 race. This one might be in the shitcan for them.

St. Pat’s evening was a fantastic night of drinking and inebriated love. All turned friendly and fights were non-existent…at least there in that east-side bar I was at. I continued to sip on a large glass of Jameson and mingle, thinking I would run into more political discussions, more issues of the day, but none could be found. Everyone was too busy being everyone’s new friend and the forbidden talk of politics wasn’t even considered. We need more days like that. Maybe once a month have a holiday where we all gather and put our differences and prejudices aside over a pint or three. The next recognized drinking holiday here in Indy will be Memorial Day, when eyes focus in on the great Indy 500 race….let’s hope that Frankentrump will be defeated and ousted by then….but don’t count on it. We can’t be lazy about this, we must be diligent.

Frankentrump must die.


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