The 11th Hours Sanders Rally pt. 2


Time oozed on as I sat in the lower level bar at the Hyatt. I sipped on my Wild Turkey and started up a small chat with a young man drinking dark beer and viewing in on some college basketball game. When I told him I was downtown for the Sanders rally his attention perked up a bit and a slight smile came on his face. He had no idea there was a rally at the state Capitol building but didn’t seem all that eager to leave his bar stool and go join in.
“I like Sanders,” he said in this kind of melancholy voice, “but I don’t think he’s going to get chosen by the Democrats. They gave the delegates to Hillary. Sanders can never win.”

We had a little more discussion and I finished off my drink and began to head back to the rally. The moment I showed up at the lip of the location where Bernie supporters gathered, the march had begun down the street and I got pulled in. I was sucker pulled into a crowd once again; it reminded me of Denver, when I was sucker pulled into a rally and some lady, who swore she was hypoglycemic and needed to get food, gave me her huge sign that read “Fuck The Police”…and of course I had to walk right in front of a cop car, but that was another time, and another town. This was Sleepytown and those attending here were giving their best show of support to get Sanders on his way to the White House. I walked along as the crowd made their way around the Capitol building. This isn’t a revolution. This is a controlled walk, a mild wave in the wind to show support for their preferred candidate-but will their preferred candidate make it into the finals of this race? Is there enough of a push for the style and leadership Sanders offers to get him on the ballot? Soon time will clue us in on that one as Super Tuesday comes closer…

The liberal or progressive advocates in today’s political marches lack the ability to focus their strength or guide their cause. The Indy group of advocates went on as a show of support for Sanders and hoofed their way around the old building, but I wonder who really paid attention? Police cars escorted their path to ensure everything was safe and controlled, and all I could think of was how sheepish this seemed. The nation noticed the town of Ferguson, Missouri, when shit went south and led to people getting fed up with what was happening in that town. They noticed because some people in Ferguson decided to get metal about the situation in Ferguson and put up a fight. I don’t want to promote violence in this scenario, but I bring up Ferguson to relate a point. We live in a tech society where everyone is watching video of different things at a rapid pace, and it takes something of a certain level of interest to gain our attention anymore. Ferguson gained the attention of the world but with dozens of various ‘march for Bernie’ walks going on throughout the nation, not much was covered on 24 hour news stations. Not much of a viral blast on the internet either. The Sander’s machine is up against crazy extremist groups and babbling politicians ranting on like mad dogs; to compete with that kind of nonsense they had better come up better action/eye candy. Perhaps a Sanders march would get more attention from media and cause his Feel the Bern campaign to grow tenfold, if they can figure out how to stand up and be noticed. A good portion of the public will watch you online and may join your numbers in supporting Bernie, but America just got off a video high of watching wild folk holing up on federal land, waving guns, opening up boxes of dildos…it’s a competitive market out there on the news feed.

….and here I sit now, less than twenty four hours away from Super Tuesday news coverage. The streaming numbers feed which will show just where the Democrat’s undertow of power lead this thing. Let’s see what the race boils down to folks…


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