The 11th Hour Sanders Rally pt. 1


America is sneaking up on Super Tuesday; it’s late in the game but a nationwide push went out to rally Bernie Sander’s (I-Vt) supporters one last time before primaries in 11 states on March 1. Indiana is not one of those states participating in handing over their delegates on the first, but a nationwide coordination of Bernie supporters decided Saturday to be the day everyone bring out a force of unity and march in the streets all over the U.S.. Their hope and intention is to get Bernie his place on the election ballot this November. I packed up a few items (drugs, weapons…the usual) and made my way to the state Capitol building in downtown Sleepytown to record and witness what size support Hoosier voters were giving to the man. I can’t say if you didn’t show up that Saturday, you didn’t support Sanders; many of the tired and huddled masses in America are not of the ‘let’s go to a rally’ breed. Perhaps society has scared them indoors, hiding behind a lock and key with a gun in their hand. We’ve become a nation shut off from being around one another, swallowed into the face of our phones. Most have forgotten the feelings connected with a live performance, be it a play, a music concert or a political rally, but not this guy. I had to witness, firsthand, Indiana political enthusiasts and what kind of a tribe they looked like. Off I went.

Now that I reside in a state that frowns upon using cannabis, I once again, had to be careful and rely on those skills I perfected back in Colorado when it was going through it’s infancy of accepting marijuana usage in their town(s). To smoke while hiding in plain sight is a skill and if you pull it off, I feel most law enforcement officers don’t want to fuck with you. They have bigger fish to fry and if you’re not causing any upheaval on the streets, why bother? I always manage to ferret out good sites in the city to pipe some weed and not bother anyone and found just such a location near the Capitol building. Prior to ducking in the shadows and smoking I saw the first person going to the rally. A gray haired, pony tailed man toting some Sanders signs that decades ago, may have participated in marches against the war in Vietnam, fought for getting Nixon out of the White House…but that was a different time, a different century. The political scene these days still seems too full of nothing but aging antagonists. Millennials only make up a small percent of protesters and political activists and don’t seem to be interested in getting involved. It’s sad to think that they might realize too late in the game that getting out there and changing things with a vote or actively supporting a cause by being boots on the ground at a march has made a difference. The problem is, it takes big numbers and a metal attitude to get things accomplished. Is the youth of today going to rely on their parents to go out there and march for their rights? Those pussies better pick up a rock and get wild in the streets if they want good change to happen…then again, perhaps they have grown to become apathetic and want to see Clinton take the White House….or Trump….or perhaps they just don’t care who the fuck sits on the throne. I let the pony-tailed guy slide by while I grabbed my pipe.

The rally/march for Sanders was to start at 1PM and last until 3. By one o’clock there were perhaps sixty people and by quarter after, it grew to a few hundred. Representatives from the Democratic Socialists of America were handing out flyers, hoping to get more people to join their group. That term ‘socialist’ can be a big turnoff though so they didn’t get many takers. There were people crowding the state Capitol steps with various versions of the insane white hair Bernie mask/caricature on poster board, multiple “Feel the Bern” signs, obscure tirades scrawled in marker. Old hippies and vegans with their grandchildren stood and listened to speakers pump the crowd up with optimism. The fervor of those attending was about what I expected and the numbers were not too embarrassing-considering this is not a Super Tuesday state. There was talk about a march being scheduled after the speakers finished but I imagined that  wouldn’t take place until the second hour so while the crowd cheered and listened, I decided to wander off downtown and find a bar for some Wild Turkey before a march did start. The nearest one I could think of was in the Hyatt Regency so off I sauntered as the sounds of the crowd echoed down the street.


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