Bloodsport: Trump Takes the Tenth Round


For the majority of the 2016 debates, both Democrat and Republican, I have ended up stumbling across them online rather than planning the event. All it takes is a whiff of this bloodsport – presidential campaigning and debates – to interest the true politics junkie and when the fight gets heated up, when the hopefuls in the race go at each other in a last ditch effort to gain poll numbers, that’s when the true delight and horror come out.

The tenth Republican debate hit the waves and ended with Donald Trump clearly taking the show. I wait to see the numbers after this one but from my estimation he showed to be the victor in the hall Thursday evening in Houston, Texas. Trump’s new strategy, a more talk about policies and appear constructive, (as opposed to his early campaign attack the other candidates approach) added with CNN’s guerrilla approach at grabbing ratings gave Donald a boost. His exit interview with CNN showed a Donald Trump who was confident in himself and boasted this swagger that reminded me of the taunting gesture Cassius Clay (Muhammad Ali) gave to Sonny Liston after he smacked his ass to the canvas. Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz tried their best to pepper him with accusations and taunts but Trump would not go down.

All along the 2106 campaign trail people expected Donald to falter and drop and here it is in the election year and he continues to take top spot. The other presidential potentials on stage are the ones who seem to be losing steam. At one point Ben Carson became so frustrated that he asked someone to attack him on stage…to get more stage time as per the rules of the debate. Get your name mentioned and you get time on air to promote, but the CNN moderators clearly leaned toward Trump to pull on those rating numbers. Carson fought for more time, Cruz as well. Ted Cruz turned into this little political troll up there, nipping at Trump’s heels, aggravating any situation. If he wasn’t attacking Trump, Cruz would launch into President Obama, or Hillary Clinton. You could see the little mutant Texan shaking with furor, telling us how he would crush North Korea and eliminate the IRS. That man has to be an alien life form.

The end of the debate sealed any concerns Trump may have felt for his opposition. His strategy changed a few weeks back and the evening’s back and forth with the other Republican candidates seemed almost moot to him; he’s in this mode of collecting more votes, softening up the crazy and trying to be more goal focus on issues he would confront as the President. There are lots of voters’ opinions to sway. As bizarre as that seems, I believe this is the new strategy out of the Trump camp. Someone has definitely got to Don and coached him a bit. He bit back on questions regarding his stance on foreign policy issues with Israel and stopped short of calling out other factions in the Middle East. He made reference to Israel’s ‘neighbors’, but are we to think he was addressing Palestinians? Perhaps he meant the UAE as well-hard to say because he wasn’t going to blurt something out like the old Donald would do. He didn’t want another live air ethnic slur…he would leave that jabbering xenophobic stuff to Cruz and Rubio.

An underlying current keeps rising in my gut. I get the feeling this tycoon from New York is playing the election game like a seasoned grifter would. Nothing has slowed down his campaign and the others are faltering. People are starting to imagine a world where that guy is the President, wondering if it could really happen…and yes, it could really happen. Democrats will depend on their champion to stomp the election and come out a clear winner by sheer intelligence alone, but that could be their undoing. With the verdict still out on a clear cut nominee from the Democrat’s side, the flood of support for Trump may wait to see whether Hillary or Bernie gets thrown in their face. Perhaps more Republican voters feel confident in Trump only if Clinton takes the bid.

The races staggers into it’s final run of the track.


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