Our Environment Shouldn’t Be Killing Us


I was talking to a doctor recently about this seasonal film of viscous crap in my throat. She gave an apologetic smile (as if she had to apologize for this mass effect condition) and said “yeah, we’ve had a lot of that going around recently”.
“Those bastards are killing us with our own environment” I cursed. She smiled and gave a slight chuckle, but it made me wonder; for a split second I could detect this look in her eye that was as if she were questioning herself. She may, in fact, kind of believe it. Images thrown on the web show towns choked with car exhaust, oceans harboring growing patches of plastic refuse and other trash, skies crisscrossed with jet trails.  The toxic debris grows every day as thousands of people debate over who or what brought these worldwide environmental conditions on. We should stop the finger pointing and just clean up our fucking mess…easier said than done  suppose.

The first good example I saw that contributed to the fight for nature and our environment came as the results of a book titled The Silent Spring. Rachel Carson wrote this book in 1962, which became the catalyst that led to the nation wide ban on the pesticide DDT, and helped to lead the movement that created the Environmental Protection Agency. As much as I hate to sound like the old fart who keeps pointing back to the Hippy era when shit got done, this act was monumental in thwarting the poisoning of our Earth. Carson put up with a lot of threats and petty shit, but she persevered and we all gained the benefits of not having that mutant agent, DDT, in our grown foods.

We buzz ahead to 2016 and it doesn’t appear as if anyone is taking the environment issue serious. The debate over whether chem trails actually exist is fought to this day. Chem trails are considered a bogus conspiracy theory and experts insist all those jets we’ve been running up there in the sky, since the conception of jets, are dumping nothing more than water vapor in our atmosphere. I want to see the chemistry on that one. Jet fuel consists of things like a naptha/kerosene blend. I just can’t believe you can burn tons of that shit in the sky and have no adverse effects to the world below. Our water is no better. Flint, Michigan has a horror story situation going on with their water, something no one would have dreamed possible in a first world country like America, yet here it is, faucets in Flint oozing putrid waters, poisoning their citizens. The lands are being strip mined for fossil fuels and even though wind and solar power have shown great potential, coal burning continues to weigh in heavy across the globe. We are sucking the life out of this rock.

I hear arguments from all sorts of sources that point to a variety of things attributing to the downfall of our environment but so few geared toward serious cleanup efforts. Even if we didn’t start any future environment crushing projects out there, we have a lot of catch up to do in hazardous sites throughout the world. The slow process of leaching from plastics tossed about and an overabundance of crud being pumped in our air has caught up to us. We need to get rid of this shit that just keeps compiling….and how do we do that, you ask? I leave that to the scientists and great thinkers out there who have dreamed up ideas to recycle and change the environment back to safer levels to live in. What you and I, the non-scientist person can do, is utilize the power of the internet to pass along positive stories and video clips showing these genius developers who have created environment cleaning machines. For something like that to go viral is much easier to look and and feel proud than some numb nut video of fat bottomed girls twerking…..not that the fat butt twerking girls are so evil, but we can do a lot better. If you want to see a girl with a big ass twerk, go to the real world and get off the internet…it’s much more of a show in person. If we could pummel the airwaves with images of us pouring ice buckets of water on our heads to bring awareness to ALS, Why can’t we have a viral campaign where people are picking up a piece of loose debris off the street-how fucking hard would it be to pick up an old plastic bottle out of the street and video that?-and that’s just how primitive our viewing habits can become online.

We should not live in a world where the environment is killing us, yet it’s the world we deserve right now. Until we can prove ourselves worthy of living alongside nature and stop trashing out the joint, this is the world we created; we reap what we sow.


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