The Voice of Trump; Berning Down the House


Time now closes on the New Hampshire Primary and I sit in wonder and astonishment at the (expected for me) results…not from numbers ending like they did with Sanders and Trump being the victors, but at the way a shift began in the last bend of the race. Donald has, for the most part of his 2016 campaign jaunt, been more of a blathering showman on stage. His speeches have been peppered with misdirection-or no direction- but tonight as he addressed his people I witnessed a twist in his strategy. No longer was he just ranting about some ethnic group; he mixed that xenophobic attitude in a more focused, less caustic attack. Bernie Sanders rose to rally a war-cry from his supporters, as couldn’t be helped, to show he was going all the way to the White House. The last stretch of the race begins.

I’m sitting here with a buzzed mind and an endless line of possible strategies both men could use. I was caught totally off guard from the Bronx contender. Trump announced Bernie’s win for the Democrats in New Hampshire, then worked to quell any boos and catcalls from his crowd. He put out a more sportsmanlike, more calm appearance to the cameras. He started spewing out specifics on what he would do in the White House. He cut back all the chatter he usually brings out, name-calling or imitating physically challenged writers weren’t part of his acceptance speech. If he keeps this approach up he will still be a huge target for Bernie Sanders to sink in to, but I have to admire him for taking this campaign thing serious. Trump now looks more like the human shark I expected him to be all along rather than the comical loudmouth he has been at the debates.

The momentum for Sanders has nowhere to go but up from here. Bernie supporters see the real potential for him to take this thing and they will push this fever on to the next Primary. Hillary is given a polite farewell nod from Democrats voters as they head off to get behind the old man. I enjoy sitting here watching the defeated candidates give their campaign swan song performances. The style and approach they take is diverse, and as a connoisseur of political bile, I wallow in their speeches and grin. It’s so enriching-this is the fucking part of politics people should enjoy-the support dance, the emotional performances in life and law. Man and woman beasts at their most powerful, their most vulnerable.

A word out to Bernie Sanders supporters; keep your numbers strong. The unsinkable path Donald Trump follows hasn’t knocked him out yet even though he should have been derailed a couple times by now. Weaker episodes of bad camera exposure have taken out White House hopefuls a number of times, but not this guy. Trump has made a point to be brash during this campaign; he built a persona loved by many, hated and incomprehensible by the opposition. Now the Trump character I came familiar with toned it back and sidestepped what was expected from him. Is he actually planning to win this thing? Yeah Sanders voters, get your numbers strong because if Trump keeps this up it could be a closer match than anticipated.  If you don’t get enough people to the polls, your candidate may not win. Don’t rely on the secure thought that you feel Sanders has more intellectually, morally-doesn’t matter. This is American politics and the popularity contest can decide the leader of the Free World, if enough sheep fall in line….and that’s true Democracy.


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