Urbanex and Trump fini: To Sum It Up


A labyrinth for the mind, a labyrinth for the body. My sojourns for truth don’t always lead down a pleasant path but I feel the need to carry them out, regardless the outcome. I can’t rely solely on what I read off the internet; that thing is a monster and it will toy with your soul. I bobble back and forth from various sites trying to gather realtime numbers on Donald Trump, only to be left standing in front of dozens of conclusions. Where are the sites online that we can rely on to report accurate information? RealClearPolitics will tout themselves to be unbiased but after cruising their site for a few minutes I definitely saw a right wing slant to the theme of stories presented. Our society has grown to the point where news means opinion and opinion knows no bounds of integrity on the world wide web. There are news reporting sites out there that do a great job at being fair and unbiased but they end up mashed onto some other website that’s hitting you hard with choice stories tailored to your interests. Paid advertisements disguised as news pepper the good news crawls, sensationalized headlines lure you to ‘click’ through to the next page and forget the good news reports being presented. When they begin manipulating poll numbers and publishing erroneous statistics directly related to the elections, how are we to form a valid opinion on the candidates? How is one to get the real scoop on Donald Trump? Why should I care if Hillary Clinton is ‘hispandering’ to Latino voters? The elections we hold for the presidency need to be based on facts rather than hearsay, but if these purported news organizations continue to flood the electronic airwaves with whatever numbers they feel are handy or persuasive, and associate themselves with real reporting so as to disguise their intent, then we are certainly doomed.

The labyrinth for the body; the urbanex jaunt to the abandoned hospital in Richmond, Indiana, exercised my body and spirit. One must open up and tune in to the wonder of it all to fully appreciate a good exploration. The massive amount of human refuse, the giant structure slowly turning to dust, it’s all a bittersweet sight to behold; one that leaves you ashamed and humbled at the amount of waste we humans create. You can look at images online of abandoned factories and the like but you need to get deep in the bowels of a dilapidated building in order to experience the defining shame of it all. It’s like trying to take a phone camera shot of the Grand Canyon-you’ll never be able to capture the real experience of being there. Some things just have to be experienced in person.

News publications have presented varying opinions to the public for eons. Television news, talk shows, talk radio…Benjamin Franklin was known to have carried some pretty underhanded stories in his paper to dissuade public opinion from his adversaries. That is to say we are probably never going to stop biased reporting entirely, but there has to be a line drawn somewhere that brings back the senses of the public to the boundaries where idiocy now has them in chains. We need to be able to rely on sources to give us the truth in these statistics and numbers and separate that from op-ed. So few people I have asked show a support for Trump yet the stories keep telling us he’s in the lead. Someone out there is lying. I think what worries me the most about inaccurate reporting is, if they can slip numbers in and not get called out on it, what’s to stop them from manipulating votes directly at the polls?

I’m sure everyone has had that talk about how ridiculous the Electoral College is in today’s age. We live in an electronic age of computers and smart phones. Information distribution and gathering are streamlined to be practically instantaneous. We have the ability to actually count each person’s vote (those who do vote) and tally the votes of the  public…but then that works back to the original problem of not accurately reporting information on any particular candidate. We could end up with a Lord of the Flies civilization here in America where those emblazoned with guns and bullying tactics take hold of our nation. Convince enough idiots with weapons to start shooting up your streets and see who follows who. If you side against the gun holding morons, be prepared to be fired upon…but not in this country, right? Not in America.

Welcome to the Church.


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