Urbanex and Trump pt. 1; Two Journeys Begin


A labyrinth for the mind, a labyrinth for the body. The end of 2015 was upon us and my gifts from the Great Beyond for the holiday were experiences of a sublime flavor; one a decaying beauty and the other a sinister concept bordering on being called ‘conspiracy’. An urbanex (urban exploring, urban exploration) jaunt was planned to an abandoned hospital not far from here. Nothing concrete but a penciled in date sometime around the new year. Urbanex has become an attraction to me, an offbeat form of viewing art-live art…live art made from that which has died.

I needed a break from my campaign coverage which had turned into a ferret fight. I can’t keep track how much nonsense gets mixed in with true intent…overpowering…even on drugs. The campaign debates have run their best showings for an audience that grows tired and wants to get on with the final showdown. Many are still undecided, or at least reluctant to back anyone, so the speechifying continues and the band plays on. We wait and mi hermano, who was orchestrating the urbanex trip, calls and wants to do a dry run with me before taking a full crew. I’m up for that and so we set an early morning trip to scout out the place on the twenty third. With a past road history of being one of the more notorious days for travel, what was a few hours on Christmas Eve morning?

Now before starting that initial trip out there I have time to peek in and look at the headlines from news clips among the various hosting sites I visit; a mixture of all news crap, all the time from all over the fucking place. The internet is ridiculously big. Big splash news headings from AOL news:
Four Candidates May Be Kicked Out of Next Debate
Trump Blows Away Competition As He Soars in Polls
This has become almost useless to track. The polls I view have candidate’s numbers going up and down daily. Donald jumps and drops and the pony show continues but after his more recent day fuckups on air I thought his numbers would surely stay low. I wanted to see the numbers on this one so I clicked through to the story and read. The story showed Trump with a 39 percent approval rate; closest competition coming from Ted Cruz at 18 percent. That’s a twenty one point gap between two of the most bizarre forms of life-and they’re the ones in the lead! This story put Trump at 39, Cruz at 18, Rubio and Carson at 10 and no other candidate grabbing more than 5. These numbers didn’t jibe with the individuals I had spoke with on both sides of the political spectrum. There are politic junkies, like me, who are both donkeys and elephants, and they had opinions on poll numbers that didn’t correlate to this story. Mine didn’t either so I wanted to backlog research this a bit more. I traced back the story source provided by AOL Entertainment News (or whoever the fuck they are) and it was some group called RealClearPolitics. One more hole to jump down. I went to the RealClearPolitics web page, checked to see who they were, what credentials they had, standard stuff. As most people on the internet for any period of time have discovered, there are thousands upon thousands of news source sites…because the internet is ridiculously big. RealClearPolitics, according to their websites’ history, was founded in 200 by a couple news junkies from Chicago who came up with a vision to gather news and provide it on one site. They also list themselves as The most cited source for U.S. political polling information. This leaves me doing a web search for ‘most cited source for political polling information‘. I plug that line into a Google search engine and it pulls up no source other than RealClearPolitics as ‘most cited’ or any site related to ranking polling groups so I suppose, by math alone, they could be considered most cited…I think only cited would have been better. Perhaps there’s some buried article five pages down on Google but no initial page shows who bestows any site ‘most cited’.

I needed to slow down and look at this more but urbanex was on the way and I swore to walk away from that sideshow event Trump was drumming up. The Republicans and the Democrats would stay at this pace at least until the beginning week of the new year so now was the time to focus on this hospital journey. I needed to immerse in the bathing of decayed building solitude. To wander inside and witness current day archaeology, the fetid and foul, the majestic structures with their bellies eaten out, dead in front of us as society leaves them for…the next thriving spot. Donald’s numbers and the RealClearPolitic citing site would have to wait because it was time for me and my brother to enter the hospital.


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