Miasmic Debates: Secret Selection


The debates come and go for both Democrat and Republican hopefuls as we edge our way into the election year. I chose to back away from writing all the blow by blow action of every debate being televised; if you’re a die hard campaign junkie you will have been at the screen regardless what I ramble on about here at the Church. The same old routine by the candidates fill the screen for a few hours then leave us to talk among ourselves. Q and A material is being prodded by the networks to include more of an antagonistic feel to jack up the ratings, but then how much more bile can they squeeze out of Donald Trump? The Bronx bully has carried the networks for months now with his on air jaw dropping quotes and actions. It’s clear than none of the candidates on either side of the political spectrum can match Donald when it comes to brash displays of attitude. The Democratic debates have become boorish and repetitive and the Republicans remind me of an animal at the side of the road, dying, and all you can do is watch and wait for it to draw a last breath. By now most voters and viewers have made up their mind on who they would vote for, but we have to remember that the final match-up gets decided from the results our slimy delegates bring to the convention(s). All the fanfare to date could prove moot if the delegates sell out the people.

In a perfect political system, people would vote for the most ideal candidate based on experience, intelligence….logic…but this is not a perfect political system, which is why we still have quasi-Nazi mutants like Donald Trump still at the podium. The man is a disgrace to everything this country should stand for yet he continues to draw enough support from somewhere to keep in the race. Could it possibly involve more than the Trump followers which keep him strong in the poles? Past election candidates I consider ‘fringe’, like Ross Perot, Dennis Kucinich, Gerry Falwell, Pat Robertson-those deviates managed to stir emotions in the elections, but not all favorable. Third party options in our elections have been blamed for splitting a hard partisan vote, causing people to lose from lack of an extra few votes in the polls. Democratic voters are hoping Trump makes it to the end stretch of the race and has to face off for the Presidency. Republican voters are wondering what the fuck is going on? How could the Grand Old Party lose the huge hold they had on our Congress and Presidency and sink to the grappa of politicians-that bottom of the barrel sludge which has existed for some time and turns nasty and bitter. The Republican voter is left with Trump, Fiorina, Cruz, Bush, Rubio-sweet Jesus, do I have to name them all? Fuck, who is even left in the Republican race? Paul, and I suppose we have to say Kasich. Kasich is not just an animal dying on the road, he is a baby animal dying on the road. You feel bad for him because he seems like a nice enough guy, but nice guys really do finish last.

Democrats have whittled their selection pretty much to the point I had envisioned; Clinton and Sanders. Here again, logic aside from their answers from any of the debates they’ve performed on, one of these two will represent the Democratic choice. Neither candidate is getting much endorsement from President Obama (for now) and we won’t be having one of those Vice-Prez-to-Prez elections this year….too bad, Joe. This leaves it up to them for that push to the next level. Clinton continues to drive a sweatshop campaign with online beggars pleading for your hard earned dollar. The system must be astounding to stand back and look at on paper. Once I got pegged for campaign contributions from the Clinton campaign, I started getting more requests from more Democratic candidates from different states, different key positions; a network of political money whores trolling the web for funding. The Democrats and Republicans alike have their secret societies of financial backing that has gone on since the inception of our modern day voting system. I wonder more and more these days is, whether both camps are actually connected to one another? Did we really choose these candidates or were they spoonfed to us, financed on the rails of the some hidden group that wants to guide our selection? Some of you will say I’m wrapped up in some conspiracy belief that stems from too many drugs but I ask you, why couldn’t something like that exist? That seems no less insane than the choice of candidates now in our faces. Imagine being so rich you could afford to buy a major sport franchise team…or a major sport stadium….now imagine yourself ten times richer. You could afford to fuck around with politics.
I search for a plausible explanation as to why Trump is still in the race, and all I can come up with are secretive financial theories and yellow journalism, pseudo-news stories to frighten us and dissuade us. The GOP has all but lost it’s power leaving conservatives to fend for themselves and Democrats must decide between the pragmatic approach of Sanders, or the Clinton machine….where is this headed?


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