A More Than Momentary Lapse of Reason


I’m here at the Church, huddled behind the altar wondering when it will be safe to go out again. This is the pinnacle point of insanity for modern day America as we inch our way closer to the 2016 Presidential Election. By now, most of us felt the drunk at the party, aka Donald Trump, would have left and gone home-but no! That crazy bastard continues to fill our tv screens and haunt our thoughts.

Let me just pull a few of his choice moments together for you to reflect on. Trump called out the Latino community and said those coming into America were rapists; he tried to soften that statement by stating  perhaps some of them were good. He jammed that statement in the public eye at the beginning of his campaign run and he hasn’t stopped since, proposing a ban on Muslims, calling New York Mayor DeBlasio “the worst mayor in the United States”, mocking the physical deformities reporter Serge Kovaleski, sexist remarks to female politicians and reporters…the list just keeps compiling and everyone sits around wondering when this guy will get tossed out of the game. When?

In the early throes of this election race most saw the festering tycoon as an amusement; something to laugh and point at on the screen-kind of like that huddle of stupid duck call craftsmen on television, or the plump little beauty pageant kid that insulted our viewing intelligence. A lot of folks thought he would be bored with the race by now and bow out but he gains momentum each day and as time marches on, we see even more of his caustic personality and Bronx kid bully talk. He’s not even an elected official yet his on-air remarks end up being a representation of our country. Donald Trump has inadvertently become the poster child for the typical American. His xenophobic march on Muslims is about as subtle as Hitler’s call to rid Germany of Jews. The scary side of this man and what he wants to do is heightened by the lack of anyone doing anything to get him off the air. The media outlets have created this Frankenstein by giving him press coverage to boost their viewers/readers. Early in the race they saw the advantage of keeping the camera on Don and as their (media outlets) numbers soared, so did the brash, assertive attitude of Trump.

In his more controlled moments on shows like This Week With George Stephanopoulos, Trump tones it down and doesn’t sound so much like a WWF wrestler taunting his next opponent. He makes points which are the core of conservative right voters, especially those who latched onto his campaign early on. Trump believes our borders are being left unchecked, allowing a glut of foreigners into this country. He believes a lot of American jobs are going overseas, something many people have felt for years. On those points I have to say many voters agree with him, but the ways he conveys that message is very, very wrong. When Trump lashes out and says something really cold or demeaning, I feel this is him ‘winging it’. Putting on a campaign persona for years…years people…is not a task many of us could hold up to. The crippling reviews put in your face if you don’t ‘up’ your number of supporters, kissing hands and shaking babies….what a circus. Only the few survive and make it to the end. What baffles me is how much crap that man can spew out and still be in the polls. I recall back in the 2004 election when rising hopeful candidate Howard Dean (D-Vt) was eliminated from the race when he let out a war-whoop during a rally. The media was all over that incident and depicted him as some crazed hillbilly. So why is it that Trump can get away with calling people ‘losers’ or shaking like someone with palsy in order to mock a person’s condition? He stands by the insane statements he makes and won’t apologize, won’t back down. Perhaps if he shows weakness those numbers would lower-and that, is the reason I stay huddled here behind the altar at the Church. He continues to insult and intimidate yet remains in the race. The other Republican candidates can’t seem to muster as much momentum in their supporters.  Some political analysts numbers show if he were in an election today with Hillary Clinton, he would win. Our country has had elections won by someone from low voter turnout, a last minute shocker that clinches a White House seat. Trump is very much in position to win this election by mere fact that he’s still in the race. Both parties need to think about that; the man considered more a cause, than prevention, of national and international atrocities still has a chance to become President.

…And Jesus wept…..


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