Jazz and the Continued Ailment of the GOP


Life rarely gives me what I want, but seems to provide me what I need, time and time again. Life bogged down on me like a bad relationship and I needed to get those demons out of my head one way or another. I had no idea the second twenty sixteen Republican debate was being televised that night because my brain was too far in a funk. The best way I knew to combat the frustration was with some herb; I was holding off on the scotch tonight because I knew, in this type mood, I could easily drink my way into three figures of debt….me, staggering home at three, howling at the moon and cursing god, still not drunk enough to kill me.

I headed to a downtown Sleepytown jazz bar, one of my many favorite haunts. On weekdays there is no cover and the jazz flows nice and cool. Friends were playing and these pros always soothe my psyche with their fantastic sounds. Between watching their finesse I looked around the place and scoped in on the tv-the debates just came on. This was priceless. Great music as a backdrop for the tragedy about to unfold. The Republican candidates were jacked up and ready for round two and I couldn’t wait to see someone hit the canvas. The one obstacle I had; in a bar filled with drunk people and sweaty jazz pounding the walls, you weren’t going to hear anything. The closed captioning was on so I was forced to read the crawl at the bottom of the screen. This would be different. Reading rather than hearing the candidates and I discovered about twenty minutes into the thing that I had been blessed with a serendipitous, great mind masturbation. The visual hocking of politics and auditory bliss from the jazz quartet was a perfect union to see this debate in a more clear light. The distraction of resonance and pitch was taken out of the boob tube voices and all I was left with was written transcribing on the television prompt. I had to read what the candidates were saying rather than hear what they said. The closed caption was about a five second delay to visual time so all their gestures and loud voices were cut out of my sensory, leaving me to read the action. If you merely read what Trump said, as opposed to watching him say it and hearing him talk, you understood just how daft the man actually is. The prompt typist had to have been losing their fucking mind. His broken, half sentences and trailed off thoughts; it read like some severe ADHD dialogue. Not hearing Mike Huckabee takes a lot of the sting out of his message. The one time I had to go back later and actually listen was when Carly Fiorina called out on Hillary Clinton, coaxing the audience by saying that’s a debate (eyes widening big as she peered out) you want to see.

That Fiorina moment came and went and I kept reading. All the candidates seemed more focused to take the debates into a serious discussion and didn’t repeat any more throw downs. Their people certainly warned how the public is less about mudslinging and more about content. A lot of candidates agree and want to drag the GOP out of this muck of resentment they’ve fallen into. The numbers don’t seem to tell them of landslide Republican voter turnouts and they are worried they’ll lose the fight for the Big House again. They’ve grown tired of the procrastination from Congress and (right approach or wrong approach) they want to get back to fixing things. Present problem solving content in your speeches and America just might follow you. The hosting questioners from CNBC tried taking it up and notch. They tried an Anderson Cooper-goading the candidates with their preferred string of questions. They wanted to take this thing into a pie fight because our society’s more modern day television watching, Kim Kardashian following history, showed that’s where a lot of us were headed, in regards to politics. We got so used to watching a bunch of fucking clowns in our House and Senate. They distracted us with yellow journalism and non-news shoved in our faces…we forgot what serious discussion sounds like. I’m sure the press is sorry for dumbing it down…or maybe not. Surely they can’t be as callous as the sots on stage they’re questioning?

Do a test for the next debate the Democrats televise. Listen to the thing, or at least a portion, with closed caption and start reading and stop watching/hearing. There are too many great instances of clarity I got from doing it with the Republicans not to promote this accident I bumped onto. Too many points to bring out in the debate-I’d be writing into a two parter…


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