Campaign Semantics: And Then There Was Bernie pt. 2


…and speaking of Sanders, this was his moment to take it up a notch. The world would get to watch him on the national stage against his adversaries. I’m pretty sure the silent thought in most peoples’ minds made them aware that after this evening, Webb, O’Malley and Chafee would drop out. To date, Webb and Chafee have quit but O’Malley is still hanging around. Perhaps they want to hold onto him for the second debate to give Hillary and Bernie a breather between rounds. Certainly O’Malley can’t believe he ever had a shot at the White House; no one’s glasses are that rose colored.

Sanders approach for this debate was to address the crowd with that east coast flavor, a comparable likeness in speech quality to Mario Cuomo of some years ago. His body language and demeanor remind me of some wise old Rabbi who doesn’t want to sugar-coat things, but can still feel empathy with you. I believe his humble moments are genuine (though I’ve been fooled before) and I do believe he wants to be a man of the people. Most modern day Presidents appear to pull off about thirty three percent of the campaign shit and drool they promise, so that leaves you wondering what thirty three percent would he get to pull off?

He describes himself as a democratic socialist and has led fights against income inequality, universal healthcare and campaign finance reform, among other progressive issues…but this was round one against Hillary and he had to face a campaign demon who catered to the same crowds. Bernie has great visions and Hillary has excellent campaign strategy. Neither Clinton or Sanders worked too hard at jabbing one another tonight, because that will come in later debates. They were like boxers, stretching their arms out to get a read on where the ‘safe’ zone is.

His key losing points where I could sense the crowd heaving a groan of disillusionment came hardest when he was questioned about gun control. I think the democratic audience wanted him to outright oppose guns and gun owners and anything a gun owner could want. You could see Sanders’ frustration with not having the air time to explain himself on that issue and the crowd was left with a kind of half ass answer. Clinton picked that one up and drove the crowd to a burst of hurrahs by taking a hard core stance on gun law reforms. Sanders seemed to weigh in favor of reform as well, but he seemed to have some codicils and wanted to assure voters he wasn’t all balls in against gun ownership-no time to get it out, Bernie, this is live broadcast and the attention span of the audience is waning.

His overall performance weighed in good even though various reports came in showing Hillary as the winner. Her momentum continues to grow and I fear a tough battle ahead for Mr. Sanders. She holds a relentless underground online organization working on her behalf to plague people multiple times a day for more money to drive the campaign. I personally have received emails from (associates to) Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Chelsea Clinton, Nancy Pelosi and about seven other current Democrat names to pester my inbox like electronic harpies. The Sanders campaign train has sent me nil. Take from that what you will but the sense and smell of fanfare around the Clinton machine seems too hard at working for my vote. I thought the lead Sanders would have over her would gain speed after the first debate but even after the Benghazi Hearings, she manages to stay in the public eye and not be taken down or out. She must wear an old Lakota Ghost shirt……unstoppable.

So with this debate’s end we all get to take a breather until the next show on the campaign parade. Both parties have more scheduled and both should be as interesting to watch as this one; interesting, like watching a wasp and a scorpion fight. The toppling numbers Sanders or Clinton would need to overshadow the other might happen when they announce a Vice Presidential running mate. Some feel that’s too weak an issue to mark up poll numbers but those people only need remember Sarah Palin and how she crushed the life out of the McCain campaign. Sanders and Clinton have numbers too close to call so now we all wait for the next act of this play. Who will take the lead? Would they ever consider combining forces as a Pres/Vice Pres team? So many interesting possibilities still rest out there on the horizon and Twenty Sixteen is but a few months away.


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