Campaign Semantics; The Democrats Hypnotic Bray pt. 1


The first televised 2016 Democrat Debate was held in Las Vegas, which I found to be appropriate; a sideshow like a campaign debate should always be presented among a town full of thieves and eye candy. So many had waited for the Republican’s opposition to start their pep rally and on October thirteenth, out marched Bernie Sanders (Senator VT), Hillary Clinton (former Secretary of State, Obama Administration), Martin O’Malley (61st Governor of Md), Jim Webb (Senator VA) and Lincoln Chafee (74th Governor RI). Many were hoping to see a car crash of emotional attacks among their ranks, like the Republican debates, but for the best part of the first debate the Democrat candidates focused on addressing the issues rather than attacking one another. This isn’t to say that there weren’t campaign strategies taking place; they were just more subtle and less frequent. Underdog candidates like O’Malley and Chafee learned to take what time they were given to present soluble policy solutions to America’s growing issues. Plus, they didn’t have a bully like Trump standing behind one of the podiums up there so they didn’t have to waste time defending themselves from negative attacks. In fact the most frequent and vicious attacks came from the debate panel team, more specific, Anderson Cooper. I feel Cooper has been spending too much time tweaking the sensationalized zeal he presents on CNN and that training has him in the habit of creating controversy when none pops up.

Hillary Clinton has spent thirty years under the public eye, from First Lady of Arkansas Governor, Bill Clinton, to First Lady of the United States, Senator and Secretary of State. Whether you feel she is good or pure evil, you have to give her credit for being a political ninja. She knows how to run a crowd. Those who oppose her burn at the mere mention of her and supporters think she is a Noble. I watch her at the podium and marvel at the way she fends off the candidates around her – she made reference a few times to her solidarity toward the Democrat Party rule, even at the expense of her losing the bid for the White House…..clever girl. It’s that kind of hypnotic strategy a true pro can put into a political speech. Rookie mistakes from Jim Webb were to be expected; the man hasn’t been washed in the blood of a true push to the White House. The White House win is like a Super Bowl win. A few teams will get close but may never know just how much Thorazine they need pumped in their knees, how much damage they must do to their bodies, to be the winner. Webb kept complaining about the amount of time he had been allotted to convey his message…sorry Jim, the more numbers you pull in ratings, the more time they give you. Look at Fiorina. Carly wasn’t even allowed on the main broadcast first Republican debate but after she pulled a landslide in the minor debate and the networks recognized a spike in her approval, they plucked up and made sure she was in for the second.

Hillary fended off questions about Benghazi and her email scandal. Up there on stage her body language and poised face when asked about the emails reminded me of Martha Stewart, right before Stewart was picked up for conspiracy to commit insider trading. She’s polished at this game and wasn’t going to fall apart like some amateur. Jim Webb only need look at Hillary to understand why he wasn’t given more air time. Sorry Jim. Some stars shine more than others.

I’m not saying that Clinton was the only success on stage for the first debate; there was another huge force up there named Bernie Sanders…but I’ll wait until my next post to dissect his brilliance in strategy.  So aside from Clinton and Sanders, the crowd of voters hoping to keep the Democratic agenda alive had three other contenders to listen to; poll numbers show none of those three candidates (Webb, O’Malley and Chafee) will survive the end run. Sanders and Clinton are clearly the choices it boils down to. Perhaps the other gentlemen have solid ideas to help the country too and may very well even make a decent President were they to be elected, but winning the Big Seat takes more than logic or sense. You need that hypnotic donkey bray that will startle people and make them keep their eyes on you. You need to be like a Siren from Ulysses; I only witnessed two on stage that night who held such power…Sanders and Clinton.


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