The GOP Fiascos Continue; Boehner’s Trail of Tears

boehner-2 Call it a drug induced schadenfreude, or perhaps just karma playing out before my eyes but the race for the White House and all the associated nonsense that follows has the Republican Party in a tailspin. Their desperate efforts to win the coveted Big Seat and keep control of the public who elected them is failing. There are too many holes in the dike and the perfect laid plans they had to win back the presidency keeps taking a step backwards. Donald Trump continues his surge of attacks within the GOP, trying his best to throw any and all competitors off course. Former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg did a quick toss to put his hat in the ring, influenced by a nod of approval given to him from the nefarious tycoon overlord, Rupert Murdoch. Murdoch tweeted support for the billionaire ex-mayor…another distraction thrown in the race for the sake of….entertainment? It’s like throwing various animals into a lion’s cage to see how they’ll get ripped apart. Time is running out for the twenty sixteen election and Republican voters are sweating bullets. A lot of them felt by now, Donald Trump would be eliminated but he keeps hanging on-like some contestant from a reality tv show that everyone wants off, but continues to show up week after week.

Then the big event of the week; Speaker of the House, John Boehner (R – Ohio) announced he would resign as Speaker come the end of October. The pressure finally cracked his hard core defiance against the Obama Administration. Fellow members in congress have begun to lose faith in him and rumors have slipped out about a sellout John is involved in with the Democrats. Presidential hopeful Ted Cruz (R- TX) threw out allegations against Boehner, claiming the Speaker was involved in cutting a deal to fund the Obama Administration for the rest of the year, Planned Parenthood, Obamacare and a few other doomsday sounding conservative issues. Don’t take the accusations too serious though; they are coming from Ted Cruz. Cruz seems to slowly be metamorphing into a current day Pat Robertson. I’m surprised the man hasn’t led a charge for public executions of all Muslims. The man is a terrorist within his own means.

The abandonment of Boehner from the Speaker position was shocking, but quickly put back on course when House Majority Leader, Kevin McCarthy (R -CA) stepped up to the challenge to take Boehner’s place. Just as shocking was when (days later) McCarthy announced dropping out of the bid for the Speaker position. His decline to run for Speaker came on the tail end of accusations he was having an affair with Representative Renee Ellmers (R – SC). Ellmers claimed the alleged affair idea was “bat-shit crazy” but regardless, the yellow story journalism was out there and McCarthy backed out. That put the Republicans in panic mode to see who could fill in now. Murmurs around D.C. show candidate Paul Ryan (R – WI) as an acceptable choice; Boehner came back and said he would not resign but right now I think everything’s still on the table with the Speaker position. Some political theorists suggest this to be a conspiracy against the Democrats and specifically, Hillary Clinton. I can’t imagine this to be some conspiracy to thwart the Democrats…this is chaos in the GOP. They Republican party is scurrying like mad animals trying to position themselves in power but the calm from Bernie Sanders’ supporters and the lack of outrage from Democrats has them baffled. The Democrats are standing back and letting the Republicans take themselves out of the race.

Whenever a Speaker gets tossed out, that is a sign of change. The shift of strategy and the reign of power given to one individual who becomes known as Speaker of the House is key factor in recognizing the tides of change within American politics. It’s like watching a glass jar of bear fat change with the weather; when it becomes viscous and cloudy, you don’t know what the fuck will happen, but you know something is going to happen.

Will the Republicans do a total dismantle and get rid of the Good Old Boy network that had such a hold on their party? Will they work to get rid of the ‘do-nothing but accuse the opposition’ strategy? The eleventh hour will strike come January first, and that’s not so far away. If the Republican Party nominee is going to be Donald Trump, they better unite behind that guy en toto because they will never defeat the opposition if they remain divided. The Democratic voters have held onto Hillary this long, but she will soon be kicked to the side of the rails and a surge of support for Sanders will become evident to all…Sanders and Trump….now that’s enter-fucking-tainment.


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