Trump; Facing the Inevitable

trump-1 A vision of the 2016 Presidential race hit my mind last night around 2am while staggering back to my place. I needed a good evening out and went to my favorite haunt, where I ingested a huge amount of mezcal. That and some other substances had me wandering in the wee hours evaluating the most recent events in the campaign race to the White House. The race moves fast at this point and you never know when some update will teeter the playing field, however I’m pretty sure the last few days have led me to the conclusion that Donald Trump will take the selected position as the GOP’s candidate.

I suppose some eleventh hour fiasco could force him to run with a third party moniker but everyone’s vote appears to want him in the final showdown. Some of the more recent reports on Trump have him dropping the jabs at Jeb Bush and moving over to attack Marco Rubio. In a speech at the Values Voter Summit he took one of his double attacks; a verbal slap to the opponent, then pull back and bemoan some subjective statement for pity
“You have this clown, Marco Rubio,” Mr. Trump began, “-and I’ve been so nice to him.”
Shouldn’t we all be treated so nice, Donald? The guy never ceases to entertain me. A few of the talk show interviews I’ve seen Trump on have him appear to hold his own-at the very least, he is not experiencing a hostile reaction from crowds, as if he were the bad guy on a Jerry Springer episode.He spoke a little more humbled when late night host Steven Colbert had him appear. Legendary comedian/writer Mel Brooks insists Trump be kept in the race.
Brooks stated “Even if he’s dead, I would stuff him. I would have taxidermists stuff him. He’s that important to comedy. “We would keep the myth that he was alive, move his arms a little bit, open and close his eyes. He’s too important to comedy to die.”

Voters on both sides of the political spectrum may have different reasons for wanting it, but both sides seem to favor (by numbers) keeping Donald Trump in. Liberal voters deem him an easy candidate to take out of the race once Bernie Sanders grabs the seat for Democrats and Independents. Conservatives admire his brash approach and stern verbal attacks. He’s admired for saying what’s on his mind and not pulling any punches. Whether you favor the man or feel he’s a lunatic, the poll numbers have him looking like the favored. Carly Fiorina has closed the gap and the last Republican debate showed her holding her own against him, but the good old boys who still associate with the clan of the Elephant have a hard time putting a woman in charge. Sarah Palin was the litmus test for having a woman close to the White House seat but she went rogue on McCain and the vote divided.

Democrats and Republicans have been fed too many broken promises over the last few decades and it’s not surprising that they want to break free of the political norm. Democrats show more favor toward Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton’s race for Presidency is faltering. Her desperation is reflected in the numerous emails she distributes to people pleading for money to fund her campaign. The email campaign has more and more intensity, urgency; whatever hidden off-shore funds some people feel she has waiting for her in a rinky-tink bank in the Azores are tapped out. No other Democratic candidates get a national mention so it came down to Hillary and Bernie. As fond of Mrs. Clinton as some die-hard progressive voters may be, I think everyone may have started listening to the content of what a candidate is saying rather than basing their vote it on appearance. Sure, had Clinton won the Presidency they could feel all warm and fuzzy about electing America’s first female President but not at the cost presented. She stays shrouded in controversy over secretive emails which would mean a four year stretch of investigating that issue rather than fixing the country. Ironic that both Dems and Republicans marched out some diverse candidates yet both crawled back to old white men-but not so much because they were old white men, but because their actions show the nature of how they would handle the office of the President…and that, to me, is the true nature of what Dr. Martin Luther King tried to convey…judge on the character of their content, not whether they are racially or sexually diverse. Accept all people, but use the right tool for the right job.


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