Cirque du Nefario; the Bully Pulls a Hamstring


The second heat of the debate for the Republican Presidential nomination took off and those who really get into studying the race were poised for entertainment. The play card was altered slightly, allowing Carly Fiorina to take the spot Bobby Jindal last held. Bobby was not pulling in the numbers so they axed his ass and threw the lady in. This is what I was really waiting for. I wanted to see the bloodbath between Fiorina and Trump kick off. All the other candidates are either too formal or too big a pussy to take her on. They may have been putting hope behind the ex CEO for Lucent Technologies ( a company I worked via contract with….oh the money they threw down the drain) to anchor Trump’s lead; I feel she did just that.

Donald Trump seems to be playing this bully routine pretty fast and hard. He came right off the introduction of the panel and landed into Rand Paul (Sen. KY) with some verbal shoves. “He shouldn’t even be on the stage-he’s number 11!”, referring to poll numbers for Paul, which have been decreasing to that point where Paul should just hang it up. Notice had been given by CNN, the presenter of this 2nd debate, that time would be more evenly distributed among all candidates present. I knew that would last about 30 seconds because everyone watching was there to see the Vegas show; everyone wanted to watch Donald Trump go thug bully on the other candidates. His M.O. for attacking the other candidates seems pretty consistent-a barrage of Junior High insults, then boasting himself up like some tall tale. His on stage persona reminds me so much of the Bronx attitude I’ve heard from a few New York businessmen I’ve had to do business with. This pompous, better-than-fucking-sliced-bread approach will scare the weak and gain them a position above others…I have seen it and it is a distasteful tactic. One that has been known to work.

Trump’s attacks continued on the candidates. Whoever got the microphone would work in Donald’s name and according to the rules of the evening, if a candidate’s name got mentioned-and only if mentioned-by a candidate, that mentioned candidate had the option of reply. Some managed to avoid saying Trump’s name and tried to get serious about their issue stances, but that carried such a small percent of this heat in the race. The crowds were there to see some action. Fuck logic, they wanted Trump to bite the head off a chicken.

Even if he had prepared, Trump’s method of attack would not stun Fiorina. Can you imagine how many high level board room meetings she’s been in where men tried to grind her spirit to nothing? The lady has callouses on her ego the size of a yak so Trump is not about to scare her. Trump attacks like a shark, a quick feeding frenzy snapping out and grabbing onto anything close. Fiorina attacks slow and methodical…I give the woman credit there. The commentator threw out the live bait question that everyone wanted to hear a reply on; a recent Rolling Stone interview quoted Trump as saying (referring to Carly Fiorina) “Look at that face! Would anyone vote for that? Can you imagine that, the face of our next president?!” He backpedaled later and iterated that he meant her persona, not her physical appearance. Carly peered with that slow, viscous glare she can get and said “I think women all over this country heard very clearly what Mr. Trump said”.

Creeping Jesus…I wasn’t even prepared for that line. What a great shot at Trump that left him trenching out a polite response.
“I think she’s got a beautiful face and I think she’s a beautiful woman.” No one was buying that Donald but you managed to bow out without getting nasty and calling her a cunt or something equally insulting.

The shot Fiorina took at Trump quieted him for a bit but soon he was right back at it. The thing I find most disturbing about this means of insulting and belittling other people is how this reflects to others. He is opening the door once again to prejudiced based on appearance, grade school insults and name calling. His strength is mashed in with an inability to shut his mouth when he should, which has created some interesting video but at what cost? He has thrown some backhanded insults at other world powers, like China and Russia. Granted we should be a strong nation in times of need but I just get the feeling he would unleash a dose of ‘hey you dumb fuck’ at Vladimir Putin…not the best way to be forceful or diplomatic.

So much to witness from this second set of debates. The whittling begins on the candidate list and this looked like the first real injury to Donald during these debates. He pulled a hamstring and let Fiorina get some points on him. Poll numbers days after the debate show Fiorina closing the gap on Trump and his strategy is shifting to make her priority one. Claims you can only listen to her so long before she gives you a headache. How lethal will these two get in the next heat of this race? The others seem to fade back on the track as Donald and Carly breath blood out their noses and race for position.


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