Circue du Pomposity: Mysterious Political Alchemy

political-alchemy“I argued that television was a volatile industry in which
success and failure were determined week by week”
-Frank Hacket  Network

 The performance went on while 24 million people watched; the highest numbers any cable watched debate has ever pulled. I was hoping for a circus and by God, they provided. I felt televised debates had become slack and predictable. Decades ago, Ronald Reagan pandered to the camera utilizing his acting skills to present a wholesome appearance Americana. Reagan’s on-camera persona reminded me of Raymond Shaw from The Manchurian Candidate mixed with a bit of John Wayne. Whatever it was, it worked and earned him the Presidency for two terms. Following him, George Bush Sr. gave a go at it but decided to dumb it down a bit and rather than go into long, garish speeches, he opted for bullet points and choppy hand gestures. This seemed to be a trend that went on for quite some time in these debates and I think a lot of people were boring from the repetition of predictable presentation. I was hoping for a bit of flare and fuck if I didn’t get it with Trump giving the thug hands wide open stance to those assembled. He was not pledging himself to the GOP machine. He was like the Joker in the movie The Dark Knight, when the Clown Prince of Crime lets the other street hoods know, when they wanted to get serious about their problem, they should call him. They called him in and the fireworks were lit.

I think part of the Trump appeal right now is not so much that people believe him, they just love to watch this guy…but could there be more to the success behind his performance?

On a hunch, I resourced the numbers that were swimming in my head. I felt Donald seemed to be getting a lion’s share of the airtime and I was dead to fucking right on that one. Dozens of sites showed the ‘minutes on-air’ breakdown and the bitchy little Bronx kid pulled the highest numbers all around. I feel these numbers have to be due with his dancing monkey personality. The guy astounds and leaves mouths wide open because you can’t believe what you just heard come out of his mouth. This type behavior glues people to the tube and Fox News knows it. All you have to do is look at the popularity of current day favorite reality tv programs to predict the more crazy, the more watched. The Kardashains, Honey Boo Boo-monstrosities like those shows had been pulling in big ratings. Then, people began sitting through entire seasons of their favorite program as subscription programmers like Netflix and Hulu came into our lives. It’s a blood battle for mass viewing audiences to focus on a ‘thing’ and twice as hard to keep that audience…but Fox wanted those viewers.

 Trump spoke more than twice as much as Rand Paul and I’m certain, very soon, we will be waving goodbye to the Senator from Kentucky. More feebs will drop off and the lasting numbers will wane. Most important to Fox, they had the brilliance to host the premier 2016 televised Republican Debate; that move could have proven risky but they rolled the dice and came up winners. The got the juicy sound and vision clip of Trump out there touting his independence, telling the party (more or less) “you need me!” Up to twelve more of these debates are scheduled before the next election, rotating from one host network to another so tell me that’s not putting pressure on the rest of these performances to ring in high numbers? CNN is next in line to host a debate in Simi Valley, followed by Boulder, Colorado, then Madison, Wisconsin. How are they going to hold the attention span of some voters? If it starts getting too cerebral a lot of viewers are going to tire and flip on Game of Thrones or porn or something. The sad fact is, a lot of Americans appeared bored with researching the dogs that rule their country. They will make up their mind early and listen to no more; How homogenized-how thinking-inside-the-box that is.

 I notice that the next scheduled debate does not have Trump and Fiorina slated on the same stage. I sit and wonder if that schedule won’t be erased and replaced. Maybe they’ll hold on to Carly a bit longer and build that peacock in a toupee up some more before setting those two Titans at each other. I will certainly watch the coming debates-at least until, or if, they decide to get dull. I follow political campaigns like bird watching.

There will be more to write on this race to the White House. Hell, I haven’t really touched much on the other party………….yet.


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