A Summer Cauldron; The Gifts Donald Brings


Heat indexes throughout the U.S. continue to rise. A sweltering summer to say the least. My dope smoking, whiskey drinking binge is more for pleasure than frustration this July; a seemingly endless supply of hard liquor drinking bouts with friends, one evening after another, people drawn from heat and inebriation to shed their clothes and dance together in their underwear. Included with my summer festivities I’ve been keeping an eye on the 2016 campaign hopefuls as the list thins a bit. This is the point where a lot of egos get in the way of presidential wanna-bes; too fearful to back out now because for one brief, shining moment they had the fever and actually thought they could win.

The rise in popularity of Donald Trump among Republicans and Tea Party members had me blind sided and I even spouted off in an earlier post about the absurdity of Trump being considered a viable candidate, yet here he is leading the way in numbers among conservatives in popularity. He lapped Jeb Bush and left that guy in the dust, so now Democrats are crossing their fingers, hoping the tycoon stays in for the long haul. If Trump falters in polls among Republicans he vows to take it on as an Independent (possibly), or, if his popularity continues to rise he may very well become the GOP choice.

The summer heat drives some to terrible lengths, brings out the true monsters inside them. The Time of the Season for the 2000 Teens is scarred with daily mass shootings, racial injustice rising in the air, people wanting to rid the old laws of marijuana (cannabis) and more….but we all need to try and enjoy the summer as I see it and here’s why. In spite of how ridiculous Donald Trump looks, we know from past experience that ‘ridiculous’ can sway elections. Look back at old YouTube video of Ross Perot. That cantakerous fuck put a spin on the election and took a huge chunk of voters with him. Same with Ralph Nader, another extreme piece of nature. Clandestine Republican election committees are sweating bullets about the numbers Trump pulls in thinking he may just pull in enough to make a Republican lose 2016, especially when weighed against the Democrat’s choice of Bernie Sanders. Sander’s voodoo has the GOP worried; the Good Old Boy network is getting a bit itchy wondering why the old ways are not working.

Donald Trump continues to display himself as a loudmouth cock of the walk and perhaps that’s what appeals to some. He treats campaign questions on foreign policy like a hostile takeover bid, pure tycoon bullshit, but he sounds confident. Confidence in front of the camera won Kenndey the election in the eyes of the people eons ago when Nixon sweat bullets on camera. This triumph of appearing confident (by Trump), even when caught in a bald faced lie on air is unprecedented by comparison to the other candidates. He’ll sit and deny claims and the Republican election committees are perplexed. They can see how the other guys appear as the old hat approach. These committees know no one wants to live under a Cruz presidency, Christie is falling fast and the lineup looks bleak after that folks. The Republicans got to put someone in there but they too have a secret weapon to thwart the Democrats; Denying Clinton her shot at it. It’s a delicate balance trying to ward off Clinton and Sanders but they know if given the choice between those two, they would rather take Hillary down and out of it. To see Hillary win the nomination for the Democratic vote would send some living in this hot, blistering cauldron of summer, over the fucking edge.

Cannabis laws all over America must and will change. The word’s out on pot and everyone is saying ‘yes, please’. I recently went to a Dave Matthews concert just outside Indianapolis, a speculative area some might think would crack down hard on dope smoking but apparently as long as there is no big hassle from the band, they unofficially try to let things go as unnoticed…or at least unconcerned. Everywhere you could see people vaping hash oil or smoking blunts. The concert was a great summer affair and everyone had a good time. Small towns on the outskirts of the Circle City harbor farm boys and girls hitting on THC and drinking PBR. Not speculation; I was out there hitting dope with them. Pot is becoming a crop in this country once again and things can’t be stopped.

So sit back and watch the political circus friends, Trump and Sanders appear in my eye to be the leaders at this point-in media interest if nothing else. It’s too fucking hot to get worked up about the foreplay of the election; enjoy your summer and come Fall, we can all dig into the last lag of this true, extreme ether known as the American Day of Voting.


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