Roboticism: The Looming Pleasure Toaster


There are changes
Lyin’ ahead in every road
And there are new thoughts
Ready and waiting to explode
When tomorrow is today
The bells may toll for some
But nothing can change the shape of things to come

Max Frost/Troopers

 As most of us with internet access will do, I stumbled down a rabbit hole of videos and audio interviews that started from a recent reporting from Japan. Japan plans to open a hotel to be run by robots. The video showed two front desk clerks and a mobile luggage, all of them full blown fucking robots. Naturally that story was connected to key word subject matter the internet pulled up for me, key words like ‘Japan and “robots” and if you’ve spent any time on the internet you’ll be pushed down that rabbit hole….into the madness.

 Next to the hotel video were related Japanese robot videos and one screamed a title at me, touting a giant Japanese stripper robot. I am all for keeping up to speed on the most recent developments with robotics and after witnessing the footage of that hulking fembot, I couldn’t stop. I trailed on to the website TrueCompanion.com where they promote a full sized female doll that weighs approximately 60 lbs, with lifelike eyes and hair. Nine hundred ninety five and some change will buy you RoxxxyPillow (or Rockey, the male counterpart). Some may not believe there is a pleasure robot industry out there but believe me, there are places continuing to perfect the functioning fuckbot. Advancements in robotics are climbing over barriers which prevented them from making more realistic dolls in previous years. Granted they still look like dolls but I give the manufacturers and developers credit; they’re getting better. They’ve added more realistic movement as well. There’s footage of Roxxxy simulating fellatio and anyone seeing it would have to admit that the scientists got that one down pretty good. Other beta pleasure dolls look more anime-like with engorged breasts and unnatural colored hair and skin. Audio response built into the machines will simulate intelligence with more and more variables in response. If cultivated just right they will eventually make the ultimate in pleasure droids that talk to you, screw you and feed your ego in a custom built arrangement suited to your personal wants…that should be interesting.

 There are cases shown online of a guy married to a doll. People in similar relationships with huge nonmoveable representations of humans that they consider their life partner. Our societies march on and develop new standards, new ideas. Relationships are broadening and the acceptable norms of yesteryear advance with our technology. We move closer toward a merger with technology-transhumanism on the march. I see the benefits and some downfalls in the cultural march into a Brave New World. Robots to fuck sounds like it could cure a lot of problems for people. Until we humans build enough artificial intelligence inside one of these creatures and they tell us to stop fucking them, we’ll probably continue to do it. Now if Jeff (apologies to anyone named Jeff-just a random name I pulled out there) wants to live with a robot, I’m totally down with that and wish Jeff and his Pleasure Toaster a happy life. An increase in roboticism is certain to take place as the developers of dolls like RoxxyPillow make them more and more realistic, more humanlike. The dark side to this whole scenario is the lack of limits it puts on a person’s behavior toward a robot. I can forsee hardcore action dolls for the most borderline-and across the borderline-sexual behavior and fetishes. Can this be considered abusive? Will pleasure robots eventually have rights? Will sex with a robot, no matter how twisted you want it to get, be considered consensual? These are questions I wait to see how they fall into place.

 Roboticism may help a lot of people tolerate their surroundings a bit better. They may also very well create a new tribe of inhabitants on the Big Blue Marble. A minority of people who choose to live their life out with a Pleasure Toaster-hell, I may even some day offend people by referring to them as Pleasure Toasters. Whatever happens, I do feel that robotic engineering and creating a crossover, a merge, between human and machine is inevitable.

 Welcome to the Church.


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