Bernie Sanders: Fast Horse on the Outside Track


Here in the summer of 2015 the Presidential steeplechase races on toward the third turn. Only those of us with a self abusing love of the sport have kept our eyes glued to the Presidential wanna-bes, their hapless speeches and sideshow antics. While the two major parties have kept pace with one another, trying not to burn out too fast in the public eye, a new horse has emerged on the track who is making great headway; Bernie Sanders.

Bernie Sanders (I-Vt) announced his candidacy for the Democratic nomination which caught a large swatch of voters off guard. Many had assumed that Hillary Clinton would go on from this point pretty much unopposed and that’s where all eyes have been focused up to this point. The Sanders campaign continues to grow and the Clinton election posse is now taking notice. HIllary’s Communications Director, Jennifer Palmieri, stated “we (Clinton Campaign headquarters) are worried about him for sure. He will be a serious force for the campaign, and I don’t think that will diminish”.

Over in the other camp the Republicans have yet to unleash any sizable attack against Sanders. They all came equipped with artillery for HIllary, grenades filled with Benghazi accusations and clandestine money funneling by her and her husband. More pressing though is their need to knock fellow Republicans out of the race to take top seat for the conservative voter. Donald Trump was throwing haymakers in Iowa against Jeb Bush and Mitt Romney to a crowd of Tea Party enthusiasts. That mixed bag of xenophobes suckled on the casual problem solving Trump promised like a tent full of
crippled souls at a Baptist revival. His idea of relating to the common person was to make an analogy of Romney’s failed Presidential campaign last election to a golfer missing a three foot putt. I’m sure those criminal rapist Latino voters in our country had no fucking idea what the hell you were talking about, Don.

While the crowd of candidates continued to bark out the name God in a crowded theater and place our country’s ill suffered fate on the shoulders of our current President, or China and the secret organization of Zionist welfare recipients this country harbors, Sanders puts the blame on the uber-wealthy Americans that have all but eliminated our Middle Class.

“In the year 2015, the U.S. has, by far, the most unequal distribution of wealth and income of any major developed country on Earth, and this inequality is worse today than in any time since 1928.”

Another example of Sanders approach to resolving some of the issues we have in America:
“Taking care of our veterans is a cost of war. If you can spend six trillion dollars sending people to war, you can spend a few billion dollars taking care of them when they come home.”

Politicians and every swinging Dick (and vagina) in America can identify the problems in our nation but what to do about them is another story. Sanders approach tends to lean toward building the infrastructure to strengthen our economy and create more job growth, stopping the transfer of wealth from the middle class to the millionaires and billionaires of the U.S. and to introduce a stance associated with the Socialist standings of European countries like Scandinavia. A big scary troll hops out when those dead set on Capitalist standards hear the word ‘socialist’ and that may work against him further into the campaign but if people listen to his words rather than to the mud slinging titles opponents want to throw at him, perhaps they will understand the man a little better. Perhaps not. Time will tell. The horses approach the third turn.


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