The Night Narcissus Threw His Hat in the Ring

narcissusThe broadcast announcement of Donald Trump’s run for the 2016 Presidency is almost a week old now and I’m still studying that momentous diatribe of horror and shame. This was just what I was hoping for from my political entertainment; no holds barred insanity leaking from the mouth of an egomaniac hellbent on collecting a new status trophy for his Manhattan showroom.

If you didn’t get a chance to watch this delicious palooza when it first hit the air Sunday night I suggest you go to YouTube and watch the thing in it’s entirety. This has got to be one of the best horror shows of humanity out there. This rich piece of American fodder comes down an escalator to position himself behind a stack of flags and announce his candidacy (something that doesn’t actually leave his mouth until about fifteen minutes into his speech). It starts off gangbusters with Donald speaking to a less than enthusiastic crowd with some anecdote about the stage there and fellow Republican candidates;
“Some of the candidates went in; they didn’t know the air conditioning didn’t work….they sweated(sic) like dogs. They didn’t know the room was too big because they didn’t have anybody there….How are they gonna beat ISIS?”

He had me by the balls with that opener. I had to watch more and Mr. Trump didn’t disappoint. He kept feeding me mindless accounts of disconnected hearsay and superstition. He came right out and said Mexico was giving America “drug dealers and rapists”-then he tries his hand at quelling that statement by saying “and some, I assume, are good people”. Oh Donald, when you entertain, you go all out insane my friend and I hope others can enjoy the freakish display as much as I did.

You may ask, can someone so egocentric and disconnected with 98% of the human race actually be taken seriously? Don’t let that matter to you-this is a shock value installment to Presidential Campaign 2016. Rubio and Santorum couldn’t strike enough ratings on the airwaves to keep people watching and the whole political scene seemed to be faltering when all of a sudden, Donald “You’re Fired” Trump blasts out on the podium while a classic Neil Young tune hammers through the speakers, something that Mr. Young would dearly hope somehow adds to Trumps humility in weeks to come.

This one is too riveting people. I need to ingest some drugs and pound away at the thoughts still sizzling inside me from this carnival of propaganda. I have to keep backing the video up to watch and listening to this speech. It’s the most laughable display yet. I would have expected something close to this from the likes of a fringe GOP hopeful but even they have temperance not to puff their chests out and bellow ‘Amerika!’ at the top of their lungs…not Donald. This man is the perfect poster child for what went wrong with this country and so now he officially throws his hat in the ring. That act alone shows to me he lacks enough discerning skills to be president. We’ve had enough morons in office, we want to start introducing more intelligence.

His speaking skills bring a lack of understanding as to where he’s going with these trains of thought. At one point he said “We have wounded soldiers-who I love….who I love…they’re great….all over the place….and we have
nothing-we can’t even go there.” He keeps trying so hard to hit bullet point words to turn the crowd into a frothing gaggle of political banshees but he just can’t muster that. You can hear a handful of berserkers in the balcony screaming down to him but for the most part his audience lies dormant, listening to this man wondering if he actually believes the crap coming out of his mouth….utterly fascinating. A Dystopian drama of the American spirit and what it has created.

I urge you again, go watch this performance. This is how the world will get to view American politics. This rich little hoodlum from Queens gets up there and gives his tough boy routine…and we thought Honey Boo Boo was embarrassing. Two things I feel would really put this carnival on a level of absurdity just one nth of a degree higher than it is now. First, if somehow Trump could manage to work Kim Kardashian into his future cabinet member lineup, that would cause quite a rush to the adrenal glands for a moment….how wickedly horrible. Second idea (one with seeming clout) would be to have Trump go head to head, one on one with the Big Man himself, Chris Christie. Oh that would be brilliant-two East Coast boyz in a pissing contest. Ultra entertainment; Japanese television programming would have nothing on us that day.

I’m still reeling from this masterpiece. Thank you Donald. Thank you for dancing like a clown before my eyes. The 2016 Presidential Campaign launches into the first part of the really meaty stuff.

…Welcome to the Church.


1 Response to “The Night Narcissus Threw His Hat in the Ring”

  1. 06/19/2015 at 9:26 pm

    Going to be interesting to see how this whole election plays out in the months to come.

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