The Shape of Things to Come

the-shape  The summer of 2015 is going into second gear and the thrum of a new generation will start to evolve soon. The Millenials should begin feeling the nip of an upcoming plague on their heels. I sit back here inside the Church, muttering and laughing while I ingest the sacramental communication being fed online. Bizarre snippet headlines urge all to click through to the next home page, the next video. Another election looms on the horizon and media outlets scurry to search out the latest on the surviving candidates. Donald Trump throws his hat into the ring; every generation has their token idiot who flaunts before the public eye like a peacock and Donald will become that person for the new generation. One of the earliest ones I can recall watching on television was Hubert Humphrey – what a shill of a whore that man was. He would have sold out anyone if he could have just made it to the Big Chair but alas, he faded away and the world was better off for it. Mitt the Fish Romney showed those same traits in the last election and I almost felt sorry for the man. I think Mitt could benefit from going to the desert and dosing up on some DMT…it would really straighten him out a bit.

Over on another page the internet is arguing about the strange case of Rachel Dolezal, now being dubbed a trans-racial victim of…..something I’m sure. Michael Jackson’s son, Blanket, has decided to change his name because of all the bullying he suffered for having the name ‘Blanket’. Kim and Kanye rent out some place for a huge amount of money for fill in the fucking blank because that headline will run again and again for a while. One of the world’s greatest male athletes breaks decades of silence to finally decide and be identified as a female……and black people just keep getting shot.

We seem to be facing a whole new rash of oddities in our societies-not just the U.S. but all the nations of the globe are developing rules and regulations for living that have numbers of people baffled. What does the future hold for us? Do any of these new generation figures have an agenda to ‘fix’ the world? We witness a world of hand held communication that I feel has become enhanced in speed reception of shock value imagery but degraded in retention of knowledge. Time has passed on and created a new environment for kids and young adults to grow up in, one older people aren’t familiar with. Technology shot all of us to the crossroads of a new era. Pay little stress over the strange trends which humans tend to go through. Tattoos in today’s society are a norm, piercings not so shocking as they were only back in the 90’s. Ass dragging pants will phase out and huge hipster beards will fall the wayside, people may choose to adopt a lifestyle which sounds off to you but please don’t lose sight of the wonderful things we are currently going through. Search out the entrepreneurial pioneers who want to take that next step and blast us into the Jetsons Age. Elon Musk is out there hawking like a mad weasel trying to slap the public’s attention on his Space-X and Hyperloop projects. What an insane genius-thank god he’s using his powers for good rather than becoming some Bond villain or, worst yet, a politician.

Governments throughout the globe seem to be coming up a bit short in the compassion and empathy department but the good news is, with technology holding the building blocks to answers for our future, we can rely on the ingenuity of almost anyone from anywhere who has access to a computer. Krishan Meeto used 3d printing technology to redesign wind turbines to hep thwart CO2 emissions. There are a lot of fantastic projects currently underway and the more those on the internet can inform one another about the constructive things, the better our chances are of escaping the next story about what Kim and Kanye rented. Become engaged online (if not in person) and support efforts to advance technology. Leave the trends alone because they’ll fade away, just like Hubert Humphrey, and a whole new set of oddities will walk the streets. Help fight for those basics; life, l;iberty, pursuit of happiness…for all…….and for the love of god, stop fucking shooting people.


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