Return to Weedville; My Brief Analysis


I recall catching up to Ramone and the Dr. as the human time bomb decided to head to one of the two all-nite diners on East Colfax. He promised us he’d get a table there and we were to meet him after we went back to the Satire Lounge to finish our drinks. Time began to alter a bit but I know at some point I looked at the Doctor and we wondered if Ramone had stayed true to his word. Peculiar; not too long ago he had mentioned how he hated that particular diner’s food. I kept imagining him running back to the bar, unable to steer away from some emotional click that the ‘whore’ sent off in his head. The Lion’s Lair did not need that kind of brutal situation to deal with.

We checked in the diner and Ramone wasn’t there. Dr. B. was able to raise him on the phone and found out the kid was currently running…somewhere….perhaps all the way home. The only certainty was he didn’t go back to the Lair. The night was salvaged-saved from an ugly scene in downtown Denver or at least one we conjured. That doesn’t mean the fun didn’t continue there on the East Colfax strip. The Dr. and I walked down to another diner that’s popular with a lot of the drag queens who perform next door to it. The rest of my nights in Denver were less caustic but no less bizarre as Dr. B. and I took advantage of heightening our inebriated journeys, my baked state of mind and the other dark drugs. Encounters at the burlesque show, street fights and whip-it freaks. Through all of this I couldn’t see much difference in the city I had left a couple years ago. The familiar landmarks had not changed; some of the same street performers and vendors still hustled their wares and talents in LoDo. Some new faces, like the feral street girl who seemed to be in an autistic fog, eating a half hot dog someone had thrown in the trash. The thing is, none of these oddities were brought about by the decriminalization of cannabis. Denver already had that crazy appeal within it-the herb had nothing to do with it.

Some locals did express a few minor changes to the town. There now is a big concern and notice of more stoned drivers texting. I’m sure they were texting way before getting baked but I can see where this would be a problem. Driving a car in the Denver area is a challenge enough without adding the stoner factor to it. Citizens did seem to be making a conscious effort to not let the place be overwhelm with a stigma of lax and immoral. They had their fair share of crazy from folks like Jon-Benet and her family, Klebold and Harris or the more recent James Holmes. The attitude I was getting from most responsible people was ‘handle your high’ and don’t fuck this city up irreparably.

I feel Denver is a fine representative for anyone wondering what life would be like in a world where pot was legal. So many Baby Booomers grew up never thinking they would actually witness the day it happened yet here it is. The streets aren’t burning any more than usual out there and this has become evident to a number of other states. The list grows with different Senators and other Statespeople presenting agendas supporting the legalization in their state. Here is Colorado,your poster child, and the baby didn’t blow up.

My final time in Denver saw me hurrying to the airport to catch my flight; the Doctor and I had only a few hours sleep at most and as I drove away in an Uber to DIA, I had to smile. Another legendary time with the Illustrious Dr. B. and I’m sure, not the last we will have. I feel we should make a pact, like Richard Burton and Richard Harris; first one dead has to wear a god-awful colored red suit to his grave.

Weedville is fine folks; go see for yourself.


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