Rand Paul in the Quarter Turn

rand_paul I find our Presidential elections-in particular the period of campaigning that starts to slowly get started halfway through any given incumbent’s term-as analogous to a horse race. The gates opened a few months back with those first few wanna-be contenders jumping out like horses jacked up on Lasix. The initial weeding out usually dismisses any early candidate from getting the press coverage they need to continue as front runners to the general voting populace. Some of their popularity will rest on how they fair on the campaign trail but I also give credit to the press, who develop their clandestine plans behind closed doors in rooms (I imagine) where they figure out who the golden boy, or girl, of the hour will be. Their priority during this horse race for the White House is not to report the facts so much as it is to obtain an audience of followers. If they can’t keep the audience engaged they know their readership/viewership will dwindle and another news provider will snag their followers. Former Governor of Florida Jeb Bush was in the media seat for a while, as was Mitt Romney, but those old boys lost the attention of campaign followers; in walks Rand Paul.

Junior Senator Rand Paul (R, Kentucky) is no stranger to anyone following politics the last two elections but the media moguls always seemed to throw him in like a side dish, never really spotlighting him as much as you would expect. Perhaps this was because they had so many entertaining moments with the likes of Rick Santorum who scared the general public into believing he wanted to create a religious dystopia of our country akin to the oppressive society in Turkey or Kabul. Sarah Palin manages to sneak in every so often with some jaw dropping statement to the press but all that gets tiresome and the GOP needed a candidate to show that could make it the full race. For the moment the press seems to think Paul could be that man.

Washington AP stories describe Paul’s campaign strategy as ‘changing how members of his party go about getting elected to the White House and how they govern once they get there’. I see no big difference at all in his strategy. His doom and gloom rants about how ‘all is not well in America’ reminds me of the same approach Rick Perry and a few other assorted Republicans took to lambaste the Democrats. The opposing party will almost always paint a dismal picture, followed up by how they will bring the shining beacon needed to better things for everyone. It’s a cyclical campaign approach both major parties play to that, is the bizarre attraction of political campaigns.

Rand Paul may very well have what it takes to stay in the lead with the popular vote however he has a long string of soured GOP dogs who aren’t ready to back him in this race. Arizona Senator/Presidential loser John McCain has ill feeling toward Paul, calling him a ‘wacko bird’ for trying to block the nomination of John Brennan as CIA chief. if Paul can get the people behind him them perhaps he will make it into the final turn of the track where as it stands for the moment, he will have to face Hillary Clinton. The Democrats are being predictably clumsy and scared, unsure what will become of them once the Obama era ends. I would not care to wager how many Hillary haters are out there but I would have to say that there are enough to make it a close race should the Republicans come up with a solid candidate-even halfway solid.

Let’s see how you run Senator Paul. You made it to the quarter turn so now let’s see if you can stay ahead of the pack.


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