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A Pence-ive Lesson in Governance


┬áThis past Thursday Indiana Governor Michael Richard Pence (R) signed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act and hell broke loose all over the U.S. from critics and political pundits in equal numbers. Many immediately stepped up and voiced concern and outrage over what this bill purports and the debate will continue for some time about the implications, ramifications and general irate feelings this bill has brought about. I waited a few days before posting on this subject because I wanted to see where this thing was going, I was curious as to where the Governor of Sleepytown was going with this bold endeavor. To date of this post, Pence and his team of damage control experts are busy holding press conferences and meeting the opposition who are on the Pence team like a gauntlet of snapping pit bulls. Aside from what is actually going on with this bill I have to look at the facade of controversy and amuse myself with the political dance before my eyes. The core enigma to me is not whether or not this bill is going to destroy the LGBT community or throw us back to the 60’s era of segregation; to me the real query is why the hell would Mike Pence even attempt something like this?

Pence had aspirations (or at least low rumblings from supporters) to take a stab at the Presidency but how well do you think that will go over now? What was his purpose behind introducing legislation like this when there are a good two dozen other issues (and I’m being conservative with that number) he could address and work on? Are the streets and highways throughout Indiana in fair shape? How is the employment/underemployment situation going? Why wouldn’t he want to pick up a project like updating public transit here to at least 20th century standards? Out of all the issues he could have tackled for this state he goes for some little piece of fodder and puts his governing pen and signature on the line.

Regardless of what he and his henchmen will tell us the bill is for they neglect to pay attention to what the bill is actually doing. Gencon, the city’s largest convention in attendance threatened to move their event elsewhere if Pence signed the bill; Gencon brings an economic impact of 50 million dollars annually. The NCAA as well is hinting at wanting to move the Final Four from town because of the implications the bill presents and those two mega-organizations will not be the last. Talk shows throughout the America have focused in on this lesson of shame and deemed it an abomination so Pence and his staff really need to rethink the importance of what they are standing up for. They want to persuade the public that this bill is no different than a federal version of the religious freedom law enacted back in 1993…so again I ask, why the fuck did you bring up an albatross like this at this time? Why re-introduce a bill that already exists, if it does already exist? What purpose is it really serving the public? What purpose is it really serving you, Michael Pence?

I can tell you one thing it’s doing sir. It’s making a mockery of the entire state you govern. Now everyone who lives here, regardless of their stance on this issue, will be branded as homophobes, backwood redneck hillbilly motherfuckers. The state will suffer a plague of stereotyping that will throw them in with the likes of the Ku Kux Klan-whether fair or not, this will become a legacy for the common residents of Indiana to battle now. Thank you, Governor. Thanks for putting that burden on us real people. Elections will come and go and some day you will be nothing but a dot in the book of Indiana history, new leaders will come to office where you once proudly held that pen and signed that bill, new leaders who may very well overturn or rewrite it…I hope it was worth it for you sir. Savor the Shan-gri-la you have created.


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