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An Open Message to Christian Zealots


Most of you who consider yourself a Christian enthusiast or a God Warrior or some other term to denote more than average attachment to the big Christ club, I write this message to you. A brief note just to let you know where a lot of us less than devoted believers (or non-believers or semi-believers) stand with you. Year after year after decade I have listened to your mantras as you ‘praise God’ and ‘Thank You Jesus’ among fellow Christians and atheists alike. You let everyone know how strong your faith is, how much you love the big guy in Heaven and his Son and for that I am happy; I am genuinely happy that you have found a kinship with your Creator and hope that goes great for you the rest of your days but there is a small thing I wanted to bring to your attention, just in case no one has done it recently.

Perhaps I am wrong in assuming that most of the feedback you get from spreading your belief out there in the world is a mixture of glee from fellow Christian types and a big plate of hate and anger from those who oppose your religion-but I get the feeling I am pretty dead on with that analysis for the most part. You certainly get your share of indifference I’m sure and a lot of polite nods and smiles that give no commitment one way or the other in regards to your holy banter and the reason is, these people don’t wish to hurt or offend you or your belief. My intent with this open message to you is not to hurt or offend you either but I want to provide some food for thought.

To say you love Jesus or love God is a wonderful sentiment; to say it repeatedly day after day, hour after hour, is insanity. By continuing to fall back on the same uttered phrase over and over again is reminiscent of a person suffering from dementia. I had an in-law who had lost a lot of her mind from excessive alcohol consumption and she had been reduced to asking you if you knew her son-then she would tell you his name and where he worked. She would repeat this about fifteen or twenty times and hour, non-stop, every day. This is the type behavior you are displaying to everyone so why would you think that we would ever want to join into a cabal of mental frailty where all we did was repeat the same phrase over and over again?

Your insistence on revolving everything around our creator or his purported Son leaves no room for exploring the wonder of life or furthering a friendship with you because you are a religious hiccup that won’t shut the fuck up for two minutes about God or Jesus. What about you and me? What about the people who are standing right in front of you talking to you instead of the ethereal entity you so strongly believe in that has no shape or form beside us as we speak? That’s not only semi-crazy, it’s down right rude. Okay, sure, God is great, God is wondrous but what about you? I came to speak with you about you and here you are throwing it all back into the realm of repetitive gospel speech.

I am trying hard not to come off too critical of your ways but if someone were to approach you and start talking about, lets say guns, or a specific television show, or Allah, with the same zeal and repetition as you spew out for God and Christianity, you would have a hard time keeping still. If all you can muster in your head are words relevant to God then please go out and seek more-there is a whole world of wonder for you to discover so witness and enjoy the individual delight of all the creatures in this universe…don’t reduce everything to a Singularity because to do that takes away the individuality of every thing we know.

Never stop believing but never stop questioning. Praise your Creator but acknowledge your peers, friends and relatives as wondrous things of this world as well. Talk to people but don’t cram your belief down their throat because if they wish to find it, they will seek it out. Your continual harping of an issue will only make folks more resistant and crass. Allow us the courtesy of finding out own paths and yes, we should allow you that same courtesy.


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