The Fini to my Mushroom ComiCon Communion


It’s time I put a cap on this ComiCon story. It would take a half dozen posts to express all the moments, emotions and thoughts that unwrapped inside me Saturday while blazing through the endless shuffle. The triad of key points to this jaunt had to be the ComiCon participants, the dance of a photographer covering the event and my psychedelic communion and celebration of the natural spore. A magic mushroom high falls into that category of similar mind altering drugs like DMT or ayahuasca; a bit tamer but still leads to a mental plateau where you focus on the less obvious of human nature. Granted, the side effect is you can overlook the typically obvious things around you-like the giant letter J on the wall that I walked right by, but the payoff comes from observing the nuance of human nature, of your own nature, and how we all manage to mingle through this weird little world of ours.
I could ponder on the circus atmosphere the cosplayers and attendees brought to the event, or the cordoned area filled with people who paid top dollar to sit at a table and play board games with other geeks. I could tell the tic-tock moments that led to AMC (or whatever PR powers that oversee media for The Walking Dead) shutting down their cooperation with the press coverage of their attending stars and how that played into a disappointing moment for Mike, missing out on more celebrity shots to turn in for his spread in Nuvo magazine. I could relate the questions pondered on where to draw the line on public photography when witnessing catchy costumes on physically and mentally challenged individuals; is it accepting to take shots of them to proclaim you’re treating them like everyone else or does that action reek more of sensationalized dark behavior? A hard call that I didn’t want to wrestle while on mushrooms, a subject few want to tackle while sober.
The points I could relay in closing are a huge chunk of mental chess for me to play with but I won’t ramble on about my take on the experience. Many of you would have your own opinions had you been there, your own experiences. The most significant point to the entire ComiCon adventure for me comes back to the spore. I try to take this quest often now, but not too often. To abuse a drug like that eventually cheapens the whole experience and you’re left empty at some point. To stop doing it altogether has been successful for some individuals who manage to reach a point of perception through deep meditation or prayer, but whatever way one manages to catch that moment of clarity, I encourage. We all have heard the adage about stopping to smell the roses yet so many will just give a melancholy smile and say yeah that would be nice but……And then forget even trying. They swing around and lock themselves into some form of modern tech masturbation and glaze over the possibilities of exploring their world, their mind, because smart phones are so much faster; video games flash and dance like electronic strippers….shiny lights in the face of a deer.
So am I suggesting you go out and get yourself a handful of mushrooms and venture off into some social affair? I’d say leave that to those (like myself) willing to tackle the mystical spore, uninhibited and unafraid. I do suggest you try to find some ways or means that works for you to stop the everyday madness of your life and experience another side of madness hidden behind curtains of your day to day existence. Don’t say you have no time to meditate and clear your mind to witness what gets glossed over so often. We all have a bit of time here and there. Start slow if you have to; turn left one day instead of right and see what happens-and don’t push it-If nothing happens the first time, see what happens the next time, because chances are, you already know what will happen if you keep turning left.  


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