The Madness Called ComiCon pt. 2


Most Comic and geek specific conventions sprout a healthy crowd of cosplay (costumed players) people outside in the designated smoking area however this St. Valentines Day was frigid and not even the most addicted smoker wanted to tolerate the foul weather for long. It would have been a perfect opportunity for me to grab some photos of smoking super heroes (for some reason I have a fascination with collecting images of smoking super heroes-some anti-role model fixation I suppose) but there were none braving the cold; onward into the warm halls of the convention center.
I kept calm remembering that most individuals would not be focusing in on some rambling stranger with a head full of drugs. They come here to display their costumes or geek out on those wearing them. The corridor leading to the main arena was stuffed with Dr. Who impersonators, Wolverine and other X-Men, at least a dozen Jokers and Harley Quinns, obscure video game characters and of course the dreaded Furries..Furries are messed up. They’re like sexual animal nymphs who make it a point to invade your personal space any opportunity they get. I was in no condition to contend with them so I made sure to steer far from them once spotted. One kid caught my eye; a young girl who was wearing what I assumed was a brilliant Planet of the Apes costume. The hair on the face looked very authentic and then I realized, she wasn’t wearing a costume. Damn mushrooms. I had to remember to keep on guard against things like that.
Halfway down the hall I ran into my brother and his assistant/main squeeze that comes on these ventures with him to enjoy the fanfare and help out. She is an aficionado and living participant of art; her accent reminds me of some Euro/Chzechnian dialect and she is quick on the draw with a smart phone to jot down notes on my brothers shots. My brother, Mike, is the master behind the camera and approaches people like a tolerable Paparazzi (almost unheard of, I know). He will walk into a situation and direct his shots with finesse, being suggestive and subtle to those in front of the camera. Most cosplayers love to get their picture taken and are more than happy to pose for you but to get the piece of imagery inside a given shot that makes it stand out among others is a true gift; he definitely has that gift.
He’s glad to have me tag along at this convention as I have some geek knowledge on different comic books and video games, which would help come time to identify characters for the Nuvo (magazine) spread. He and his partner, Halina, were preparing to go into the main hall to jump headlong into the insanity inside. I still had not purchased my entry wristband so it was time for me to get one. I went to one of the ushers to find out where the wristbands were being sold.
You’ll need to go to room J, down the hall
Mike and Halina walked me down to room J, which I find out, was right in front where I had entered. Huge signs on the wall with the letter J, large enough for someone legally blind to see yet I missed it… cursed mushrooms. I pay the steep entry fee and we all walk back to the entrance of the main room. The cosplayers outside the main hall were good photo ops but the big payoff was inside. The big money characters were inside; William Shatner would be there, Lou Ferrigno (from the television series the Hulk), Michael Rooker (The Walking Dead and Guardians of the Galaxy), Sonequa Martin-Green (The Walking Dead), more Walking Dead stars, Power Rangers and more. These were the big guns that would give the Nuvo spread some panache, the type of media pornography the public thrives on. All that and more was inside so after a few more shots of cosplayers in the hall we made our way to the den of thievery.
Here I was facing one of my personal fears; I loathe and am a bit paranoid of huge crowds. A long ago incident at an outdoor two day rock concert showed me just how vulnerable attendees of any large scale event are to accidents and crowd ripple effect. There were a few times I recall going to concerts and being pushed with the crowds who stormed the doors to get in, like starving pigs to a trough, plowing over anyone that tried to stop them. I’ve seen people trampled underfoot in crowds. An out of control happening can get ugly and if you’re caught in the middle of it, you’re fucked. I tried not to think about this and immersed my thoughts on the strangeness provided by the mushrooms, the whole mind trip the mysterious spores bring about. I followed my brother and Halina into the main hall.


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