Cirque Politique: The Crazy Train Keeps Rambling


Pew Central here at the Church has been bathed in new flotsam as I continue to check the news screeds out there for more political scat pertaining to Election Amerika 2016. This is where the race begins to get churning on the rails of insanity for me, better than any video game I could be absorbed in. With video games you always know the outcome will be you die or beat the game. With politics, you always survive, but at what degree?
The Democrats haven’t really fired any big torpedoes yet because the only real candidate (potential) to stick their face out there is Hillary Clinton. The two next possibilities in the wings waiting would have to be New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and Maryland Governor Martin OMalley, but they are holding back to see if Ms. Clinton does the hard push of her hat in the ring we wont even mention Smokin Joe Biden because, well, that’s just too damn comical and cruel. The Democrats for the most part seem content to sit back and wait until the last minute as they wait out the lasting period of the Obama regime. This will be their demise in 2016 if they continue with this strategy because by the time the public starts feeling the itch to vote, the majority of thrust will be put behind the Republicans. The Democrats will come too late to the dance.
As for the Republicans they seem to be promoting the campaign circus the best by doling out the fanfare of candidates they hope we will latch our teeth into for the Presidency. Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush have taken a slight step back to hide in a corner and wait for the public to cry nay at the current competitors for the job, hoping to sneak in after the first cut has eliminated some of the current leaders. Rand Paul flounders about here and there but has no stability so I assume he will continue to be a gnat in the face of voters, someone a drunk friend points to now and then to say THAT’S who we should be voting for..Rand Paul, supported by drunks everywhere.
The Phoenix Sun Times reported that Senator John McCain was booed by Republicans over the weekend at a GOP rally in Arizona, someone actually yelling out that he was a war monger. I seriously doubt he even wants to fuck with another presidential run so we can cast him aside right now-but thanks for the enjoyment here on the Crazy Train, John.
Then we come to the Captain of the Locomotive this week, the darling of the North, Sarah Palin. During the Freedom Summit in Iowa headed by Congressman Steve King (not the horror writer but macabre nonetheless) Sarah Palin got up and delivered a speech that had some cheering, some bewildered and others questioning their sanity. Her speech contained a hodgepodge of blathered self promotion, strange mash-up ramblings and paranoid gibberish. She started by addressing what she referred to as attacks she had been subjected to from the likes of Michael Moore and PETA. I still cant figure out the Moore connection as she apparently drew first blood directly at him for him making crass remarks about the film American Sniper; what that has to do with running our country, Ill never know. The PETA reference was aimed toward words and electronic confrontations she had with the animal rights group after posting a picture of her son using the family dog as a foot stool. Again, these matters seem pretty trivial in the pursuit of leading our great nation but far be it from me to understand how great the pressure must be for her. I do know that I love the crazy she brings to the race.
Then shit got real when she launched into the president for eating dog as a child in Indonesia and threw in a quick rabbit punch about how the Obama Administration failed to save Ambassador Stevens in Benghazi. The rambling continued:
It is good that we have a deep bench and its primary competition that will surface the candidate who’s up to the task and unify and this person has to because knowing what the media will do throughout all of 2016 to all us its going to take more than a village to beat Hillary. Things must change for our government! It isn’t too big to fail, its too big to succeed! Its too big to succeed, so we can afford no retreads or nothing will change, with the same people and same policies that got us into the status quo! Another Latin word, status quo, and it stands for, Man, the middle class and everyday Americans are really getting taken for a ride.
No doubt Sarah. We truly are being taken for a ride..a ride on that Crazy Train you managed to take control of for the time being and I, for one, am digging the thrill ride. I can say this with jest because I have faith that in the long run, the general electing population will laugh and point at you, but there is no fucking way we are going to give you the football. So far I stand by my prediction that the Big Man, Chris Christie, will rein champ for 2016-at least for the moment. As for the rest of the candidates, Republicans and any of the pussy Dems hiding in the wings behind Hillary, I don’t see a leader among you-prove me wrong, I dare you, but until then, I’m enjoying the circus on board the Crazy Train.


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