Urbanex Fini


I reminded myself that I was the most cognizant of the trio and stepped up with a plan. The cook and waitress at Peppy Grill were getting fed up with Brian and his insane ways and they kept telling me to never bring him back there again. I assured them that wouldn’t happen and tried to explain it all away.
“He’s diabetic and having a reaction to his insulin-they have him on something new”
I have no idea why I even tried to bring that up but it made sense to try in my state of mind. The cook gave me the benefit of the doubt because she could see I was trying hard to keep that beast under control.
The thug whose girlfriend Brian approached waited about twenty minutes in his car with her then took off, thank god so at that point I rallied Brian and Janice to her car, in spite Brian protesting to wait for his street whore to show up. I wasn’t going to wait for that stain on society because now it was 5AM and I would still have to walk back to my place from Janice’s house…wherever that was. We cruised on tenth toward the misdirections Brain kept feeding me and up ahead I could see a gauntlet of red and blue lights. Cops had someone pulled over and it looked like about four or five of their cars. At that point, Brian tells us he needs to hang his head out the window and throw up because the motion is getting to him. Somehow I managed to convince him that he would not vomit and of course, we had to turn down the street right in front of the police fiasco. Things went smooth about three blocks after that as we let the gay monster out and he went inside to enjoy his breakfasts. Janice and I made it back to her place and at around 6AM I was walking back to my house trying to convince myself that I would have enough time to catch a quick nap before the photo shoot.
I managed a couple quick hours of rest before being picked up and with a huge Starbucks in hand my brother and three others were on our way to Purdue country-Lafayette, Indiana. The abandoned hotel was right across the street from the State Police headquarters so we were hoping they wouldn’t be sticklers about those pesky trespassing laws. It wasn’t like we were planning some gang rape inside or setting a bum on fire; we were there for art. The expressive form nature doles on human structures can be very artistic and my brother has an eye for capturing the sublime inside old warehouses, abandoned facilities and such. Hunt down Mike Allee on Flickr and you’ll see some of the amazing work he has captured and created from around the globe.
I found the door leading in and we donned our head lamps and protective breathing masks into the three storied hotel. Mold and all sorts of nasty shit was all around; spongy green fungus was growing on the floors in some rooms. Wild animal scat covered all the beds and dressers left in there. A King James version of the Bible had been left open to no page in particular for the pigeons trapped in there to pray on. Numerous utilities were left there for the scavenging if that’s what you were into and the kitchen was still stocked with dishes and industrial ovens. The DJs booth had 45s littered on the floor, still in pristine condition. It reminded you of a movie set from The Walking Dead, minus the zombies.
We headed through all 3 floors and snapped off a ton of images before calling it a day and everyone agreed that the trip was well worth it. Doing urbanex is not for everyone-germophobes would definitely freak out and those who saunter by too quick may not catch the small nuances which make you appreciate the stages of decay to be witnessed. Plans will be underway for another shoot, in another location (at some point) but for now we called it quits. The shoot was over and I went back to my little domain to breath a sigh of exhaustion after all I have been through in the past twenty hours or so. Time would allow me to strengthen my body once again to be ready for the next jaunt out there and even now as I write this, more sagas develop…but that’s for another time.


2 Responses to “Urbanex Fini”

  1. 1 Manja
    01/22/2015 at 9:49 am

    Hope you’ll post the resultant images at some stage!

    • 01/22/2015 at 12:15 pm

      Best resulting images can be found from my brother. Read in the story for his name and where to find him. He should have some posted soon.

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