Urbanex, Bus Tales and the Peppy Grill Incident pt. 2


Apparently hit and runs are a bit more common than I would have imagined here in Sleepytown; two ladies I spoke with on the bus told me how a friend had been hit waiting at a bus stop where poor lighting made him an unseeable target. I do know from personal experience that a number of the stops here are not well lit and I have had to flag down a speeding bus in the dark on a few occasions. The cost of a street light must be incredible.
My mind was still reeling from the two Latinas who bought my dinner that evening but there was no time to let that slow me down. Dormans was calling and I quickly got to my place, spruced up and headed to this favored old saloon which has been in existence since the 1800s. The crowd was hopping with new friends and old. My good compadres, Zach and Freddy, were there testing the waters for new women and glad to see me vertical. A familiar couple was at the pool table (still the cheapest place in town to play pool); Matt and Amber joined in a game of cutthroat with me. Amber is a self proclaimed quasi-sanguine, meaning she doesn’t drink blood but she gets a rush from drawing it from people; to her favor, she actually has a job where they pay her to do this. A new face I met was Doug, this huge muscular guy with a curled moustache and bald head. He resembled one of those strong men you see on old time circus posters and he played pool one handed…and he played well. Not only did he shoot one handed, he would aim up his shot, then look you dead in the eye while he popped in a ball. I was thankful that at that time Doug was on my team as the night played on and I continued to fill myself with mescal.
I told myself I should probably head home for rest as the urbnaex photo shoot would start early and just as I was about to head for the door, a familiar face walked in. I had met her at Dormans a couple weeks ago and was taken by her as she danced the night with me that evening (even though Dormans is not a dance bar). I thought for sure it was a one time thing and I would never see her again yet here she came through the door. I couldn’t leave now as we began to rekindle where we had left off.
She came along with a friend of hers I’ll call Brad. Brad was gay and not just gay, he was assertively gay and jacked up on adrenaline or speed or something that had him bouncing around like an ADD kid off his ritalin. A very nice guy who actually acted more pansexual than gay but that was neither here nor there at this point. The evening went on as me, Janice and Brad swilled down mescal and some absinthe and before we knew it, quitting time had rolled around. Three in the morning and I had a photo shoot to go to tomorrow.
We went out to her Janice’s car but she was in no condition to drive-neither was Brad so that left me the most logical choice at that point. I do not condone operating a vehicle under those conditions but I was extremely careful, it was late enough that there was not a lot of traffic out and if I left the driving to one of those two there would have been a fiery crash. No one was ready to go home yet as the alcohol had kicked in our desire for food. The only place I could think of that would be close and open at this hour was the Peppy Grill so I carefully drove us down there while Brad rattled on in the back seat. Now the eastside Peppy Grill has a more country western feel to it and is accustomed to late night drunks and thieves so we didn’t come as a complete surprise to the waitress and cook inside…for a while. As soon as we got out of the car Brad told me he needed the key to get something out of the back so I gave him the key and Janice and I went in to order some breakfast with sodium. Brad popped in two minutes later and slammed his debit card on the table to pay for the whole affair but somehow had managed to lose the car key in that brief period. We had him rifle through his jacket pockets repeatedly but no key popped up. He then ordered himself two breakfast platters and went outside to check the car for the key. Janice and I got lost in each other’s company for a bit but before long we noticed a new stranger by Brad and the car. I went out to investigate and at that point, Brad told me this new guy was going to ride home with him; I looked down and noticed the car key was still in the door. I didn’t know what to say about the new guy because I knew he was an eastside street hustler but Brad assured me he knew what he was getting into.
“As soon as I give him a dose of what I got he’ll be cooperative”. I took his code message to mean he had plans to give the guy a ruffie but all that was Brad’s problem, not mine. I just wanted to ensure Janice got home safe and that I got back so I could get a few hours sleep before the photo shoot.
I went back inside with Brad and sat down to eat with him and Janice. All of a sudden the street hustler bangs through the door and starts yelling at the waitress and cook and giving them hell for kicking him out earlier. I had no idea what madness had incurred earlier but got to watch the fireworks nonetheless as this guy stood off toe to toe with the Peppy Grill’s cook and the cook wasn’t taking any shit. She was used to late night assholes and stood her ground until he left but not before making a mess out of one of the tables.
Brad decided to make things even more interesting for us by walking over to a table where a thug and his girlfriend were sitting and tells the girl she’s beautiful. That got the thug out of his seat and in Brad’s face schooling him on manners. Those two exchanged verbals while Janice and I ate our eggs and enjoyed each other’s company. Albeit we were wrapped up with one another but not so distracted that we didn’t notice the thug getting up with his girlfriend and waiting in their car outside for us to leave. Excellent. I knew how things like this could play out and I wanted to make sure Brad went out first when we left and stayed clear of me and Janice because I did not want either of us catching a stray bullet or something. The night went on as the thug and his girlfriend sat in the car outside and Brad rambled on inside Peppy Grill and Janice and I ate our breakfast. I knew I could still get in a bit of rest before the urbanex shoot if I wrapped this up soon but somehow, I knew that wasn’t going to happen.


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