The Big Man Cometh


Here we are in the arctic months of the Presidents lame duck stretch which ends 2016. The election of a new leader for America is coming soon. I could sit and write a few dozen paragraphs on the issue of what President Obama has and has not done during his two terms in office but that would be too sad an issue to bring up. The man was not the best president we’ve had, but he was certainly not the worst-in fact he was pretty fucking resilient in the midst of all the ass breaking effort the House and Senate Republicans threw at him. I still cannot grasp why they continued a do-nothing strategy; like Nero playing the violin while his city burned, they were determined not to give the President any accolades from the people for accomplishing something. They didn’t want to take credit for bipartisan achievements, rather they wanted anything Barack Obama suggested or put on the table to be shot down, regardless of how insane it seemed but slowly all that fighting will be a past era and a new one will emerge. The political machines are oiling up once again and the dance is underway.
Make sure you wade through the initial sensationalized crap that spews forth to taunt your primal rage. The real candidates will emerge but we will have to wait a while for the best of what they have to offer surfaces for your consideration. Side show antics like Mike Huckabees recent rant to the press about how the President and First Lady allow their daughters to listen to Beyonce music. Let that slide by you folks, its merely a distraction. Jeb Bush brought on a poor showing in Iowa and was outdone by Mitt Filet-O-Fish Romney but no need to jump into those statistics, not yet. Both those hustlers will be back again and again before this is all over. The Democrats have just as many political failures throwing their hat in the ring and I’m sure they’ll be weeded out in due time but among all the two party wanna-bes, my suggestion is to take a good close look at Chris Christie.
The Republican Governor of New Jersey has been building his credibility as a viable candidate for this next election and when you place him in with all the other fodder he does seem to be the best suited in the mix, as far as Republican hopefuls go. On a speech he gave Tuesday he unleashed a strong campaign sized theme of renewal for our nation.
This administration believes today, and has always believed, that New Jersey and America will be a better place for middle class families when we shrink the size of government at every level. We need a New Jersey renewal. We need an American renewal.
His hat is not fully placed in the ring yet but if he continues to draw support from a middle class fan base I don’t see how the public wont push him into running. The whole Bridge-gate issue he suffered will be overlooked (in the long run) and more than likely be used as a quick rabbit punch to the kidney during the campaign runoff, but the Big Man can take it. Christie has the savvy and the gonads to go toe to toe with the likes of a Bush or Romney and come out looking like a doer-not a talker.
No one finds a candidate that they believe and trust in one hundred percent but you hope to back someone who can accomplish a few things in their term. This is why I give kudos to Barack Obama. The guy had an uphill fight to try and bring about Hope and Change amid chaos and dissention. Everyone was so worried about his birth certificate or whether he was a Muslim or if he was going to bring about some Black Armmagedon that their suspicions left them uncooperative to any plan the man had. Meanwhile, in the real world, the deficit dwindled and gas prices sunk below two dollars and that shit didn’t happen because John Boehnner and Mitch McConnell slaved away to trade negotiate it. The influences, whether direct or indirect, of our country’s leader can be a powerful tool in boosting or killing our economy. This is why when I look to the future, after this current Administration has packed its bags and left the White House, I begin to look toward the Big Man. The Big Man just might have what it takes folks. Just watch him a while-that’s all I’m saying.


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