I Am Charlie


Anyone with the slightest amount of compassion had to have felt something when they heard about the brutal attack on the offices of Charlie Hebdo, a French satirical newspaper; a couple of religious zealots decided to avenge the deluded idea of what they call God by killing cartoonists who depicted the prophet Muhamed in a jesting manner. Granted I have not seen everything in my life but based on what I have seen and experienced, this ranks in the top three atrocities I have ever lived through. I mourn for you France and I mourn for what our world has lost.
This barbaric act is supposed to be an honorable thing to such believers? I find that hard to fathom when you are talking about individuals who have such a weak base of faith that the only way to prove to themselves that their ideals are right is to smash and destroy everything else. They feel it is offensive to depict their religions founder? I find their non-acceptance of others ten times more offensive. They have less empathy than an animal and no honor at all. This went beyond the mere religious aspects because after the heinous act, they held up a store and stole a car. What honor and glory does their Prophet teach them from acts like that?
So now the seal is broken and the consequence has been dealt. What are we to do? Do we cower to the terrorists tactics and forbid printing images of religious icons? Do we allow the laws of one specific tribe to dictate how this world will run? I feel the best thing to do is to spread the image of Muhamed everywhere you can-pencil in little cartoons here and there. Throw that shit on the back of a stop sign, etch it in a dirty car window. It should be made clear that we are not prepared to go back to the era of artistic censorship in the name of some deity. Our world went through that shit back during the Renaissance and that twist in history proved forbidding artistic expression was not a bonus by any means.
The thing we must not do is strike out premature against the Muslim nation. These are arduous times and the clash between the main three-Christianity, Islam and Jewish faith-seems to become more caustic as our world shrinks around us. Technology and communication has us all within arms reach of one another and what could once be dealt with as being over there is more in our face than ever before. Is the world ready to start the ultimate showdown over freedom of expression? Are we all ready to launch a mass attack against a religious opponent? I hope that we see it more as a time for defiance in the face of fear rather than letting it broil us to the point of war. War has always been and always will be, the end result of futility with very little constructive payoff. We need to all get along. Those responsible for the brutal attack need to be brought to justice and we all need to live together until the day comes when we leave this world of natural causes-God willing.
This affects us all and we must all stand together to stay strong. Remember; you are Charlie. I am Charlie. We are all Charlie.


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