2:015: The Mundanity and Fear Thrive


It was a bitter cold Monday evening and as I approached my local quick grab Dollar Store for my evening meal I was disappointed to find they had been closed down for the evening. When they shut up and lock up that fast it means robbery…another bullshit punk attempt to get a few dollars by someone out there. We’ve been having a string of petty thefts near my place and a fellow resident believes it could be heroin related; I don’t necessarily write off that possibility. Once I get to my place I adjust the evening meal plans and quickly peruse the social scene online and see yet another fearing post someone puts out there denying Facebook the usage of any personal photos, info, data, etc. from their page. This is posted by someone who freely allows anyone in the country to access their page and look at photos, download info, etc. so why is it such a threat to them to have their privacy infringed upon? You use your privacy the instant you click on that beast. People don’t care if their personal data is being distributed-hell they encourage it themselves so, why the fear?
Stories erupt to persuade arguments between opposing party members online and just like last year, and the year before that, and the year before that, Democrats continue to cry foul at Republicans and Republicans retaliate with just as much piss and venom and I look at the mundanity of political choice we are given and wonder how, with all this incentive for betterment, are we allowing the same old characters back through the door for election?
The mundanity and fear continue to stir viewers online because the media resources that lambaste us daily with fluff stories and non-news have a hell of a job trying to keep us entertained (or at least momentarily frozen like a deer in headlights). If tomorrow people stopped watching Fox News and MSNBC and stayed off AOL news online or refused to click on that picture which ensures you the rest of the image will shock you, businesses would suffer internal cramps from the lack of attention. Clicks and hits to a website break down to numbers that advertisers out there will pay attention to. If Acme, Inc. sees a steady clickrate of visitors to a particular site, they are going to be willing to invest some money into banner placement there to try and attract potential consumers to get Acme goods. If the site runs dry and people stop going there, the advertising banner becomes ineffective; therefore it is in the interest of the Acme and the owners of said website to glue your ass there. Keep you scared and convinced that this site alone is the only one out there providing the most up-to-date scoop on ebola or the nasty thing that Jeb Bush just said or the newest shooting in a town you never would have heard about.
I buy into that swill so little anymore because I have been cleansed through association with real live human beings. My jaunts to a great little neighborhood gathering has groups of hip motherfuckers collecting to leave technological scare aside, to be in the company of one another and dance and groove on good music and enjoy in delightful conversations with everyone. Its a hidden little cove that, as Will put it (Will is just one of the many who go there) to get there you have to go through the portal. In a way, he is dead right with that statement. You have to leave all that fear and mundanity behind you and wander into an atmosphere where people accept one another and if you need to you can stay there for the night and pontificating points of interest fly through the air mixed with gin and dope into the wee hours of the morning and at the end of the evening, everyone feels a unity with one another. There is no concern of Facebook stealing your personal data, no alarm of non-functioning politicians, no cowering with fear wondering where that robber went to but if you feel this tribal encampment sounds a bit too altruistic or too old school hippy for your taste then by all means, continue to let the fear seep in. It will be there for you right into the 2016 election…enjoy your 2015. Click on those buttons, read that Facebook post..and the next..


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