State of the Union


As we enter the eleventh hour of two thousand fourteen I felt the need to take time from here behind the pulpit and lay out my observations on how the world is turning for us here in these United States of Never NeverLand. In order to collect my thoughts on the overall, I typically do better to weed out-purge out-the myopic fog brought on by work and every day nonsense to focus in on the things I see, read and hear. This procedure can sometimes involve ingesting good amounts of liquors and drugs to ferret the insignificant, which is what took place this weekend. I contemplate very deep while in this numbed state but always wait a day or so to sober up and make sure the evaluations I come to are not mere delusions from a chemical imbalance.
Dormans, my favorite haunt here in Sleepytown, is a quaint bar that has an old school jukebox and a pool table which only costs a quarter to play. I ran into a trio of young gents who took up on some pool with me; Jeremy, who I have seen in there on a number of occasions, Freddy, an energetic skilled pool player and Zack, a twenty something mechanical engineer who is the spitting image of Johnny Depp (from his younger days). Freddy suggested we play for shots and after six games, I needed to deviate from the Jameson and go for some scotch. After the scotch came some mescal. I also threw in a joint to buffer the whole thing.
My take on the generation these three represent leave me with continued hope and assurance that our future is paved with great people out there who do care about the world and people in general. To paraphrase Freddy, who paraphrased some French writer, all we need to live is love and water. That’s a far cry different mantra than the young twenties generation of the Ronald Reagan era who followed the credo I don’t care about anyone else, as long as I can pay my bills. The upcoming generations of voters and laborers have good hearts and are realistic in knowing that they are in a shithole of financial woes but they will help their fellow American wherever and whenever they can.
About the time Zack and I were contemplating finding a dog outside to set on fire so we could eat it (we understood the social faux pax and dropped the idea) he decided to leave and a group of suits came in to play pool. They were of the thirty-something clan and worked for some sports organization which was in town for some tournament deviant ritual that I didn’t care about. They were the jock sprites with six figure incomes and wives they left on a regular basis. They seemed to fit in Dormans like a square peg fits in a round hole. They stood as a symbol to remind me that this country still has a long fucking way to go. Images of the racial tensions which have torn our country apart have flared tempers and caused people to act like wanton animals pissing where they eat. So many people still want to insist there is no racial problem in this country and they are dead wrong. There are a lot of thug punks out there who prey on any given situation they can get over on someone, and that is not a problem with race, it is a problem from within the community of thieves. Any person, regardless the color of their skin, who takes to a life of crime, lives among those who have no valor, no redeeming quality to stop them from screwing anyone over. There is a difference between a person, frustrated with the roadblocks society has placed before him, and an all out sociopath who has no regard for anyone but themselves. That type individual can be found in all walks of life but who wants to help the people caught in the same community as these thieves? Certainly not the six figure income suits.
Now I don’t want to appear as if I think these men are evil because they make a decent wage- I would love to be making that kind of money. What seems to be so lopsided is that our country tends to invest large satchels of money into sports, wars and pharmaceuticals that keep you dependent on them, not cured. Why is it we have so few constructive moguls nowadays investing in product to build the waning infrastructure of America? Why do we continue to let our legislatures make bank (on our dime) just to sit and bicker with one another? Why are we charging college students outlandish tuition fees which they wont be able to pay back in one lifetime? These are the question which should be on the table right now before our dictators of law, not how to covertly bumrush the creation of a giant pipeline to choke fossil fuel through the middle of our country. The system used to govern the U.S. is becoming outdated as technology advances. We need to update our voting procedures for a more rapid response to quarterly issues. We’ve got the cart before the horse and all we have to do is turn the fucking thing around.
As Zack was leaving he wanted to let his story be known; how he had risen from a household with a drug runner as a peer to become a working stiff stuck in a country that seems to care more about keeping up with the Kardashians than much else and just like so many-not all-he probably wants to keep his job, work on his bike, maybe get a family but this seems to be increasingly more difficult as we suffer through existing in a workplace that runs off Apple computers being governed by lethargic politicians who still work at the speed of a pencil and slide ruler.
So now with the chemicals out of my system and a chance to think on it a while, what is my call on the state of the Union? Fixable, so dont let it the opportunity slip out of our hands.


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