Suckling at the Teet of technology


Life in the air age
Isnt all the brochures say
Life in the air age
Its too dangerous to stay
Beepop Deluxe  Life in the Air Age

  A few weeks ago the internet blasted the news with this picture of Patrick Schwarzeneggar and Miley Cyrus making out. This priceless image was an iconic representation of our times-not because it showed the popular(?) pop starlet kissing the son of legendary bodybuilder/actor(?)/former Governor Arnold Schwarzeneggar; what makes this shot so priceless is what Patrick is doing with his hand. He has his cell phone taking a picture of himself as he’s kissing the franchise known as Miley Cyrus. He will now be my poster child for this age of me.
  Back in the eighties (and certainly before then as well) there was a large percentage of theorists who foresaw turn of the century bringing about an age when information would be a big commodity but I don’t believe they knew it would be so plentiful, so overwhelming and so valueless. The computing mode of data and information could have been a boon for a large percentage of humans but instead the instant gratification factor came into play and all of a sudden it seems everyone’s attention span went to being less than that of a goldfish. We eat and crap out statistics at an alarming rate and rarely find time to contemplate what we just finished reading-were too busy going on to the next item on the screen. The glut of data and news thrown in our face leaves the majority of people unable to focus, wanting to do nothing more than stare at images of cute and funny animals. News pundits can take a seemingly small incident that developed in some town we have no direct correlation with and create a nationwide electronic rabble to dull our focus from the periphery. These battles of who’s right/who’s wrong become the caustic jelly which feeds our neurons with a jolt to keep us going but more often than not, the injustice reported on any event goes unresolved and we slip into the stream of another news frenzy. The day Europeans successfully landed a rocket on a piece of rock in our galaxy the other edge of media decided they needed to publish pictures of Kim Kardashian’s ass..this drips of something straight out of a Vonnegut Jr. novel.
  So what do I suggest we do? Try to slow down the amount of sinformation you take in-a big percentage of the shit being reported is pure flotsam, another portion of it is not of your real concern because in spite your feelings, you really don’t have a tangible dog in the fight and last, slow down and savor the information you do read. The internet is a remarkable resource for study but it will bombard you with information overload if you allow it. Swallow slowly while suckling the teet of technology, don’t gulp it down or you’ll choke. Acknowledge that most of us do now exist in a dichotomy of real world flesh and blood persona and the ethereal online persona. Both are valid but don’t allow the technological essence of you overthrown the real world flesh and blood body. We all seem starved for attention online and want so badly for more and more people to hit that like button to bring content feelings to our psyche but have you forgotten how good it feels to have a real world like given to you? Spend an evening out with friends-meet new ones while you’re out. You can make it a fantastic time without having to chase down the latest meme to post online. Use your tech sparingly and for Christ’s sake, if you ever ever ever get the opportunity to touch tongues with Miley Cyrus, put the fucking phone down and enjoy.


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