Do the Expected Behavior Thing


Well they did it. The verdict came down in Ferguson, Mo. and it wasn’t easy. While the eye of the world watched, a group of disgruntled locals threw a big temper tantrum and burned the placed to the ground. They took a shit in the pool so now everyone has to get out so it can be cleaned. What a disgrace.
Regardless of how the verdict on the Michael Brown case turned out his family and those with cooler heads pleaded with the public not to react with violence. They were proponents of protest against what they saw an injustice within our system but once the news honed in on those who had been worked up through media reports and gun sales jacked up in Ferguson, they quickly went to the news to emphasize advocacy for peace in the streets. That apparently didn’t take with some folks and when the courts decision hit the news, the riot began. Stores were demolished, looting and fires leveled the town and after some time Ferguson looked like a Lebanese shell shot neighborhood.
My disappointment came from this aftermath response; the decision that some people didn’t agree with. Its not enough that Officer Darren Wilson will be a moving target for the rest of his life (however long that ends up being); some people became engrained with a blood red anger that had them strike out at anyone and anything, ruining innocent lives and years of investment into their community-all gone in one evening. If someone punches you in the eye, what justification do you use to go hit someone else? The effort is pointless and you become more of a monster than the one that originally started the situation. Where do the folks who owned small businesses in Ferguson go from here? What encourages them to carry on or even want to put back into the community? This mob mentality destruction could take it all away again at any moment so why give them fuel for the fire?
A year from now (or perhaps less) the media will slink back into the streets of this St. Louis suburb and throw a few choice photos on the internet to gaze at and say oh yeah, I remember when but nothing will be done to examine the feral anger that brought so many to tear a town apart. The hope of making a better Ferguson for the future was set on fire that day and these thugs who decided to piss where they drink have left a mar on their hometown which may never go away. Michael Brown wasn’t the only one killed in Ferguson folks-the whole fucking good spirit of the town died too.


2 Responses to “Do the Expected Behavior Thing”

  1. 11/27/2014 at 5:10 pm

    ‘…nothing will be done to examine the feral anger that brought so many to tear a town apart.’

    I think you hit the nail on the head. The root cause is what needs to be looked at and how it got to that stage.

    Strong post on a sensitive subject. Thank you.

    • 11/27/2014 at 5:54 pm

      Yes, a strong subject indeed. I hope the leaders of Ferguson don’t try to bury it with sand like a cat turd but I feel it will take a lot of work to fix this wound.

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